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2009.05.22, 09:15 PM
i wanted to know what is the possibility of you guys creating a dual compound tire for front and rear... for the front i was thinking that you could split it right down the middle with the inside a harder compound then the outside... for the rear i was thinking you can split it 75 / 25 the inside (75) cant be softer than the ouside (25) which can be harder.... you can also make these tires available in multiple compounds...

for instance with my 90mm 015 i have to ca the side walls to keep from traction rolling... with a dual compound tire from you guys i wouldnt have to do that.... for the the 015 I would need a 75/25 tire with a softer compound on the inside(75) and a harder compound on the outside (25) to aind in traction rolling....

For mod 02 you can make a front tire that is split 50/50 with a harder compound on the inside and a softer on the outside to aid in more onpower steering...

2009.05.23, 02:31 AM
i believe that a dual compound tire will be hard to achieve being that there is no carcass to mount the rubber to....as for the 50/50 fronts.....i believe you would need a harder compound on the outside...as you apply ca to the outer side wall of the tire....
and for the rear there is no need for a harder outside....only the side wall to stop the tire from lifting the inner wheel
there is a way you can test this theory....just cut some tires and ca them on to the wheeles;)
in motorcycle racing it was a long hard road to figure out how to get the tire to stay together for the duration of the race....
for me ca is enough to tame my mod pan on the grippiest tracks in the world....:D

2009.05.23, 08:50 AM
As far as front tires go, we used to run dual compound tires in the front only for 1/5 scale. They were soft on outside and harder inside. This way, you get initial turn in but when the car starts to bite, you don't lose the rear since you're into the hard compound now. So the soft outside and hard inside front is realistic and has been done before...just my 2 cents.

Regarding PN making these...you can always buy a custom run, but you'd have tires for years.

2009.06.08, 11:24 PM
didnt they make a dual compound rear tire?