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2009.05.23, 05:36 PM

The opening race of the season is tomorrow...our "club" (very loose interpretation of the word:rolleyes:) will be gathering at my house for this layout. It consists of six large ovals minus four tiles....


It should fairly interesting to find out how tires will hold up in heat of the day...:D

2009.05.23, 05:52 PM
looks like a beautiful neighborhood :)

2009.05.23, 06:20 PM
Time to be like hrddrvr and make curbing for those sweepers. :)

2009.05.31, 01:48 PM
Looks awesome, CowboySir! :cool:

You'll have to post your race days well in advance (if you can) so those of us down here in the lower mainland can try to make it up to join you sometime. I won't be able to make it until July/Aug, but I'm definitely hoping to make it up there to put some laps down!

Do you normally one weekend day, or basically any given nice weather day where a few of you have the time?


2009.06.02, 04:22 PM
Man, I could sit or stand on your driveway morning to dusk and not tire of the racing or scenery! Beautiful setup!!

2009.06.02, 11:23 PM
I like the location as well. Very nice set up.

Can I post your club and pics of your track on our website?


2009.06.03, 01:02 AM
If the weather cooperates I will be holding GTG's every other sunday.

It is a pretty neighborhood and luckily my neighbors are very tolerant of dirtbags like me standing in my driveway, listening to music and whipping micro-rc's around the track.:D

this was the setup i came up with for testing last weekend. I had planned on a small gathering but at the last minute everyone bailed on me. I got lots of uninterupted laps...

it was good because I usually spend too much time keeping novices powered up (swapping cells and helping with driving). I like this one the most because:

1. It makes use of the small amount of shade we get midday.
2. It a bit more turny so driving is more important than power.
3. The cars parked out front keep the noise of the car stereo down for my neighbors.;)

Kev, I'd be happy to get you up here in July...there's another guy on an xmod forum that's looking for a ride when the summer hits full swing so maybe you'd make another possibility.

rcpmini-z, you're more than welcome to post tracks, pm info and that I usually set up every other sunday, weather permitting. I also have a CORE system with twelve transponders as soon as I can figure out how to stop my laptop from overheating.

2009.07.05, 11:02 PM
Well, this setup will be expanding soon!

I just made a purchase of 50 blank set and an inside turn kit (thanks tinyrc for all the help!) so I confirm today that 2/3rds of the track will become three wide tiles and we'll get some wicked fast corner profiles.

After a couple sundays in a row the track records stand at:

9.48 sec for mod held by my buddy John
10.23 for stock (EMU converted 015!:eek:) held by me!:D

Pretty good for a bunch of old farts like us...:D

2009.07.17, 09:30 PM
My boxes arrived yesterday!:D

I've got everything now to hold a fairly big event so once I get a good layout I'll be inviting the local newspaper out to show them what the Whistler Micro-RC club is all about.;)

I still have yet to find anyone who can advise on how to make the Core system work on a htree tile layout... can anyone give me advice?

2009.08.04, 08:22 PM
Here's the layout modified to use up as much width as possible, cut open some of the inside corners and make some decent passing zones.

The Whistler Summer race series track layout...please feel free to visit any sunday when the weather is nice.;)