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2009.05.25, 07:40 AM
Hi all.
Here is our new track after 5 weeks of hard work.
The surface is Oxiron (micro asphalt)
Length: 14m
Width: 5.6m
Height: 90cm (top level) and 45cm (first floor)
One good lap stands under 17s to cover the 60m.
The run way is 90cm wide every where and an escape of minimum 5cm and up to 20cm in the most risky curves. In part we did it this way in order to be able to use the F1 safely.
Location: Barcelona, Spain.
Address: 153 Av Pau Casals. L┤hospitalet BCN.
The C9 raceway.
Here is a link to some more pics, it is our Blog: http://www.minizbarcelona.com/Media/2009/Remodelacion/index.html#1
And here is a small video:

2009.05.25, 08:03 AM

Now that is a track! I've wanted to do something similar in my basement . . . although I could never do anything close to this size. In anycase, great work!

Where is this located? What is the racing surface?

2009.05.25, 08:49 AM
The surface is Oxiron (micro asphalt)
Location: Barcelona, Spain.

simply awsome!

love the quote in your signature as well. :p

do you have pictures of it's construction? i'd love to know how you acheived the subsurface banking soo smoothly.

2009.05.25, 09:45 AM
do you have pictures of it's construction?
The very first day when the project strated. Before we removed the old wooden structure.
And fitted the new one. We have this structure only under the flat parts of the bridge.
2.4cm thick wooden plaques of 1.22m wide on the flat parts. And only 0.8cm thick wooden plaques that more flexible. Those can adapt to almost any sort of bends. Has you can see here.
And then we secured the structure and corrected it as well to make it has smooth has we could. We did not want to have any visual obstacle in between driver and car. So on the inner side of the bridge we have very thin cables up to the roof.
It took 5 weeks (4 to 5h a day after work) We didn┤t top 1500Euros. The workers never got paid (they actually paid for it) and they all need a massage.

2009.05.25, 04:34 PM
Wow! Really I mean it. Wow! Multi level track with starting grid and pit lane. Way cool! It would be so nice living near a track like that. I can only dream. :D

Dusty Weasle
2009.05.25, 09:37 PM
Excellent job! Something that shouldn't be overlooked is your superb lighting. The track is brightly and evenly lit, no harsh shadows to obscure the view. It has that real-circuit 'night racing under the lights' look about it. Great attention to detail!

2009.05.26, 12:30 AM
that track is awsome... 3 levels that's pretty cool...
what do you mean by "The surface is Oxiron (micro asphalt)" is that a type of paint?
how does it compare to rcp and carpet tracks?

2009.05.26, 12:34 AM
That 5 weeks of hard work paid off! Congrats!

2009.05.26, 06:04 AM
Thanks you all for the comments.
what do you mean by "The surface is Oxiron (micro asphalt)" is that a type of paint?
how does it compare to rcp and carpet tracks?.
Hey Herman, yes it is a paint (some sort of emulation of asphalt).
It feels very different from both RCP and Carpet. the biggest difference is that it is a hard surface, cheaper than RCP but pricier than a carpet.

You can draw any curves.
Yields more grip than the others.
Reasonably cheap.
It never wares out.
Maintenance is very easy and it does not need special care.
One little extra is that the stock tires from KY work well for those who wish to save on tires, indeed they work very well.

It is hard and abrasive. If you use too soft tires it will eat them (normally we run with 50║ front and foam rear and those tires can hold more than 12h easy). If you roll over, it will scratch the body.
The MA010 is not competitive at all on this surface.
Drifting is the only thing that wares it out so you cannot drift it.

In my scale of preferences, Carpet comes first because I have few MA010s and I just love that surface. Then would come Oxiron paint cause the car feels very realistic and the track too... And then RCP specially cause I find it expensive and not very realistic (the car seems to float) even though I have to recognize that I┤ve raced on few very good RCP tracks.

Remind you I┤m only talking about my own sensations, all those tracks are very good.

2009.05.26, 09:59 PM
thanks for the info, and thanks for sharing... and once again congratulations on your new track... :D
can you post some videos?