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2009.05.25, 11:38 AM
Ok I have a problem.

I turned my control on and then my car the other day.I noticed on the control that the l.e.d light was blinking at a rapid pace.I turn it off and look in the manual about what to do when this happens. Theres nothing about in particular but there does mention something about the l.e.d light blinking at a slow pace and that means the batteries need to be charged in the control.

I did notice after further inspection when I examined the car that the power switch was turned on but there were no batteries in the car, and this was after I tore here down and cleaned the chassis and painted it.

So far I have charged the batteries that I have and the charged ones go into the control but that light is still blinking. Then I put those charged ones into the car and my non charged batteries into the control. The car moves very slow in forward but it moves faster in reverse.

Did I fry my f.e.t's or screw something up real bad? Should I just try some new batteries and pitch the ultralast 850mah rechargeables I have?

2009.05.25, 12:02 PM
Its in noob mode that simply cuts throttle in half. Pull gas 100% as you power on. To enter the noob mode again, push brake 100% as you power on. To power in and stay in whatever mode it was before power off, you don't need to use throttle trigger.

2009.05.25, 12:05 PM
Oh man thank you so much I thought definelty for sure I was in deep doo doo!

2009.05.25, 12:09 PM
I just had this happen to my son's radio at the PN Reg in Myrtle Beach. We changed batteries on the radio twice, still blinking. It seems that we had (partially?) lost bind to the car or something. After reseting the radio to default by holding the throttle trim button down we were able to rebind and the radio worked again. Later we had the same thing happen again, blinking light... we switched to another KT-18 which we were able to bind and use with no problem. Not sure what was happening other than we were around lots of other 2.4 radios and a couple of large commercial radio stations that were near to the hobby shop. I was going to start a thread on this, hopefully we can find an explanation and a fix.

2009.05.25, 12:14 PM
Just read your "noob" mode explanation and will have to check if that was our problem, but we had no steering when we had the blinking light. Hmm?

2009.05.25, 01:30 PM
No steering = bad. If anything, contact Kyosho if these problems reoccur and they'd probably fix it for the shipping cost to them.

2009.05.25, 05:05 PM
so are they unbinding or jumping into training mode? training mode is indicated by the light blinking rapidly.

2009.05.25, 06:18 PM
Say, what chassis again? I noticed my MR was acting fuzzy since I rebuilt my 15 into 02 and the troublemaker ended up being loose battery leads. Check to make sure you have those screwed in as tight as you could without stripping the screws.

2009.05.25, 07:36 PM
It was an 02 and happened twice just before 2 of my son's qualifiers. The light was blinking but we could not get it to control the car, even in training mode. I guess it went to training mode and lost bind at the same time. I tried to rebind countless times with no luck. I took a borrowed KT-18 and bound it with no problem. We reset the offending radio and it would bind only to blink and lose bind again before the next qualifier! Attempt to rebind countless times then go to other radio and bind. Frustrating... not sure if it is a problem with this particular radio or something my son was doing when turning on the unit. The fact that it would not rebind points to the radio. The car was fine because we checked all connections before the quals. Like I said there were many other 2.4 radios around plus 2 or 3 large broadcasting radio stations nearby if this made any difference to a possibly sensitive transmitter.

2013.01.04, 08:27 PM
I'm sorry for bumping this dead thread but I searched and found the answer to this and I am very happy this fixed my car as well! I lol'd at noob mode.