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Old Crow
2009.05.26, 01:57 PM
I know some of you guys just got back from the regional and may need a breather. Any thoughts on when the next date for racing might be? Will we be doing HFAY?

2009.05.26, 05:19 PM
Going to do the 2nd BTE... I'll post here as soon as we arrive at a date. It's going to be on a Saturday, but I'm waiting on Larry to get back to me with a viable date.

DC guys... feel free to let us know which Saturdays are or are not good for you. And if one of these races doesn't happen for the NYC crew, feel free to swing on down for some free basement racing! :D

2009.05.26, 09:11 PM
The 13th and 20th would be best for me.

2009.05.27, 10:17 AM
Anyone hear from Jon? I'll give Gasman a call then to get his schedule... so, which one is best for the rest of you (Carl, DC Crew...)?

13th or 20th?

Davey G
2009.05.27, 10:21 AM
Ed: Love your signature!!!!

2009.05.27, 10:39 AM
I think the 20th will be better for me.

How'd the regional go for you guys?

And when is this other regional happening?

2009.05.27, 11:33 AM
Ed: Love your signature!!!!

Thanks... not sure if "LF" gets it yet or not but we'll give him time. :D

Gasman is good for either, I would think the 20th would be good just to space it out and give a bit more time to get ready. Waiting on Crow and the DC gang's input...

The next Regional is up in Jersey (Maj's)... the thread is out there somewhere. SC was excellent! I didn't do too badly, just struggling with the tunes again... seemed like I couldn't find the setup I wanted and got wrapped up in compound swapping for too long. Gave up on the newer skins and ended up running old worns on all of my cars. Close in stock but nowhere near tuned in Pan Mod. Scary part is... that's the best I've ever gotten the Pan to go and I still ended up in the rear of the pack!

Old Crow
2009.05.27, 11:48 AM
20th sounds good.

2009.05.27, 04:43 PM
YES dudes...i saw the LF race technologies......:D, i feel honored!;)

2009.05.28, 11:09 AM
Ed, looks like July 25/26 is the dates at Maj's.. It's in the calendar. I'll be shooting for that.

One of these days I'll get some time to mess with the cars. Been doing a lot of de-cluttering lately.