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2009.05.27, 02:08 PM
I'm getting some 1100Mah AAA from Much-More for next months meet. I'm only ordering enough for me at the mo', so if anyone else wants some, please let me know, ideally before the end of today, as that's when I need to order and pay for them.

They're currently listed in the mini-z section of my website and on Much-More's own website. Should have them in for the weekend, stocks allowing.

2009.05.28, 05:25 AM
Hey Sarah,
thanks for the offer but I will pass thank you. I love my Duracells. :D

2009.05.28, 06:06 AM
ill try a set of the 777's

2009.05.28, 09:19 AM
How many you want Matt, I have to let Keith know by 4pm today if I'm to get them for the weekend (racing the recoil in the torc then)

2009.05.28, 09:51 AM
I've ordered you 1 set Matt, are you coming to Stafford next or should I give them to Bri if he comes?

2009.05.28, 10:49 AM
sorry i was out,1 pack is fine though,its only to get the specs ect.
bri has fell out with me for some reason:rolleyes:
would you mind posting them to me?

2009.05.28, 11:25 AM
no probs, just order a set throught the website and I'll get them in the post to you for next week.

2009.05.30, 04:59 AM
Hi Matt, cells are now in stock.

2009.06.01, 03:29 AM
Not being funny, but how come 900MAH and 1100MAH are the same price lol?

2009.06.01, 05:01 AM
I honestly don't know Matt, but I guess the production process to make them, costs the same.

2009.06.01, 07:56 AM
hehe you mean tom:)
tom its down to preference rather than 1100 is beeter than 900 ect.
they are all made the same way

2009.06.01, 11:22 AM
Doh! sorry, I get confused easy.

2009.06.02, 04:12 AM
Right... I'd have put a price difference on the higher MAH. Maybe that's just me lol.

2009.06.02, 04:40 AM
900 should have more punch than the 1100. I dont know if the 1100 cells will actually give more runtime though... the 1100 will probably have higher internal resistance, giving less punch, and more heat. Also, probably more mass... Making it less efficient.

I have 4 sets of the MM 900s, and they have pretty good punch, although they took a lot of cycles to get good runtime. Even after break in and using for a little while, I only use them for practice or 5 min qual heats.

I havent tried the 1100's or the 777... but I would think the 777 would be similar to the Orion SHO cells, and the 1100 similar to the Orion RT. A little less punch than the 900s. Better for modified cars that you want to tame.

In general, I was not too impressed with the MM 900's. They are decent, but I expected more. I am now running Team Scream cells exclusively (once they arrive).

Matt, let me know how you like the 777's ;)