View Full Version : module compatibility for ex-1 (mars) & ex-1 (mars r)

2009.05.28, 12:58 AM
wondering if the RF-901SM - 2.4ghz asf mini-z module is backwards compatible... like if it would work with the ex-1 (mars) & ex-1 (mars r)??
is anybody using this kind of set up at the moment???

thanks for any reply... :D

2009.05.28, 02:48 AM
Should/does. I know older modules may not work on newer Ko's, but newer modules will work w/ older ones. My 2.4 box works fine w/ my Mars.

2009.05.28, 04:27 AM
thanks for your reply... is yours a mars or a mars r?

2009.05.28, 05:40 AM
Just Mars.

2009.05.28, 11:07 AM
the 2.4 module also works fine in the EX-1 Precious. It's been working perfect in my radio for close to a year.

2009.05.28, 10:24 PM
Do your cars center right though? Mine stopped doing it entirely and now need R almost 20 to drive straight. Once trim is set they're fine, but IMO its annoying having to do that in the first place when the car shouldn't be off-center in the first place.