View Full Version : ics battery source for transponders???

2009.05.28, 05:28 AM
hmm just saw this on the web... somebody connected something like a transponder to the chassis using an ics connector for the battery source...


in the other pic, somebody adopted a crystal... (i assume both cars run using the ko propo arc lapcounting system, since they basically use the frequencies to read your laptime, that and the transponder pic shows ''arc'' on it)

i'm no ee... but i was wondering if they could do that, maybe you can hack the ics connector and use it as a battery source for other transponder systems???
or not... ???

what are your views on this?

2009.05.29, 12:06 AM
Yes you can. We are in the process of having the harnesses made.

2009.05.29, 02:52 AM
hmm... that's pretty cool... what's the output voltage coming out of the ics plug?

2009.05.29, 02:58 AM
On this car, it is battery voltage, but the positive side is switched on and off with the chassis power switch, making it even more convenient.


2009.05.29, 10:15 AM
let us know as soon as they are ready to sell. i've been looking at making some up myself, but id rather buy some ready made.