View Full Version : Got a white body instead of completed autoscale: refund?

2009.05.29, 04:27 PM
I can't get a hold of RR so I'm hoping to get a quick reply on here. I ordered the white enzo autoscale for $30, and I got the whitebody enzo that's $20. My question is, can RR just send $10 (difference in price) back to my paypal? I would be happy with the whitebody as long as I get the $10 refunded. I want to know quick because it was a big order and I want to use all the other parts, not send the whole package back just to get the autoscale.

2009.05.29, 05:03 PM
problem resolved! I got a reply to my email and got the $10 refunded, no questions asked.

Thanks reflex!

2009.05.30, 12:04 AM
I had a couple wrong parts sent to me and everything was re-shipped both ways promptly. They're always on top of their game even with human errors.

2009.05.30, 03:05 PM
I only ordered once from them.
Had a bag of tires to many in my order.
I offert to pay for them but he wouldn't hear of it.

I'm sure going to orderd again there, great service.