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2009.05.31, 02:32 AM
Instead of simply abandoning my passion for narrow bodies with my MR15, I decided to use the past 2-3 months as a stepping stone and incorporated everything I've learned about my bodies of choice and previous platform of choice into your beloved 02.

My driving has improved since, my tuning has as well (though 02 is indeed far more forgiving in every aspect), and here's the continuation of my project:

Mind the loud volume if you tend to crank your speakers up.

ocean rodeo
2009.06.01, 01:49 PM
I recommend a 70 turn motor because that 40 seems a bit fast for you. Is that track yours? it's really a nice practice spot. What does limited tuning mean?

2009.06.01, 06:24 PM
the other cars are hfay class cars fyi...

it's the rcp track at awsome rc, stafford va

your driving has improved :)

2009.06.01, 11:16 PM
Just my full nickname as of late, namely for any custom/work I do hobby wise. Thanks arch and yea, 40 is a bit much, but I wanted to see if the car would hold up with it.

2009.06.02, 03:52 AM
The *car* will definitely hold up, heck, it'll hold up even with a 31t, but you really need to be more careful in traffic, especially if you've got a power advantage. :eek:

2009.06.02, 04:18 AM
Driving is showing improvement ;) I definitely think a slower motor would be better. I personally prefer slower motors to fast ones. I like to push the car pretty hard, and with a faster motor, I tend to get myself into trouble more often. With the slower motor, it suits my driving style more.

Try a Speedy 05, ATM Race USA, or even a 70t. Any of those motors should have more than enough speed for that size track. Gear it down to the point where you top out on the straight. You will have a lot more control of the speed through the corner with a lower gear, usually resulting in a higher speed through the corner. Fast motors are nice, but I think that the extra power is hurting more than helping... Work on running a tight consistant line, not trying to string together hot laps. Also, lay off a little more around traffic, and when you come back onto power out of the corner, ease into it instead of fulling the trigger fully.