View Full Version : f1 rear shocks

2009.05.31, 11:00 AM
I need to get my rear suspension sorted. It's missing the two springs either side. I had ordered what I thought we're the right spings from Mat, but didn't get what I was expecting (not sure if that was Mat sending me the wrong items, or me ordering the wrong items).

Anyway, does anyone know what I should be ordering?

2009.05.31, 11:31 AM
Kyosho MFW02 just pm'ed you

2009.05.31, 11:32 AM
what springs did you order sarah?

2009.05.31, 11:38 AM
Just checked your site matt, and you sent me what I ordered, but i ordered the wrong thing, which was AF-9. I'm in the middle of ordering from dingball or bat at the mo'.

2009.05.31, 12:19 PM
ahh you ordered the centre shock but wanted side springs?
i dont run side springs,only the mono shock with a softer spring than atomic supply(stock mr01 front spring cut in half)
worth a try before spending more;)

2009.05.31, 12:23 PM
have ordered what I think I need now. Normally order my z stuff from Cain (when it's in any decent numbers for the shop) but he's off on his hols at the mo'.

Thanks everyone