View Full Version : Atomic Top Shock Help

2009.05.31, 06:19 PM
I got the atomic alloy top shock, adjustable for 94 and 98. When threading the black shaft onto the metal rod, it required so much force that i ended up twisting the black plastic shaft in half. So now im stuck with the 98mm black shaft, which was also impossible to get threaded on correctly [its on though], and i am just wondering if there is any way i can use the 98mm shaft for both 94 and 98mm. Or if you have any other info about the shock that would benefit please do tell :(


2009.05.31, 11:16 PM
I am not sure about the problem you have mow but once you fix that check out the tuning article called Atomic Top Shock Mods at www.fastpaceracing.com under tuning section.:)