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2009.06.01, 05:38 PM

Wildwood Community Centre
Winchester Court
ST17 4RA

From 1300hrs until 2200hrs

8.00/ racer (including hot dogs) ..... newcomers free. Non competitors can buy dogs @ 0.25 each.

Racing F1 Nascar, F1 & Min z/Iwaver/Xmod

The Nascar race is the "Stafford 500" ......500 laps (2000 left turns) on a 3 tile wide "oval" track. This is part of the club championship.

Those racers without F1 Nascars can borrow 1 of mine, I have 5 available. They are double stacked 4562 fets with x speed motors complete with core tags. You provide the batteries & maybe the crystal.............Reserve yours now.

The 500 will take place around 3-3.30pm after which will be HFAY large track event.

You can bring your own food & drink. Kitchen facilities available. A supermarket is located next door (Sunday opening hours).

2009.06.02, 04:10 AM
I spent almost 400 on festival tickets for me and Julianne that weekend so I guess I'll be missing this one... I should have said sooner, sorry.

2009.06.02, 06:37 AM
I'll be there, might be racing at Bedworth that day, so don't start the 500 till I get there please.

2009.06.02, 11:22 AM
I've been working on the pace car program again today, and started making the alterations that I was told should be included.

The Safety car, is now reffered to as the pace car.

Whereas in F1, lapped cars can unlap themselves, one car in the field, normally the least lapped car I think, can drive up and under the leader for the restart, since the program won't know who's leading or who's been lapped, it will mention two people. If the person it mentions first is allready in the lead, then the second person it mentions, will be able to take the lucky spot for the restart.

I need to know who's definitely going to be racing and your username so I can include you. I can make alterations to the program on the day, but that can be a lot of hassle, so would rather have it ready and tested before hand.

Tom, currently got you in the program, but will take you out before race day.

2009.06.02, 04:32 PM
Just ran the program. from start to finish it was approx 2hours, and there we're 26 pace car periods. I've now decreased the chances of a safety car by half and am now testing.

2009.06.02, 06:31 PM
I was thinking, if someone does go into the pits when the computer say's they are closed, what should happen, as there's not going to be enough of us to disqualify anyone, so I've come up with an idea or two, feel free to submit your own ideas.

in no particular order

10 seconds is added to that persons overall time.

they have to go out of the main hall, into the pit area, down the back straight, before coming back into the main hall.

they have to stay in the pits for ten seconds, by saying "1 elephant, 2 elephant.....etc"

some other silly forfeit.

2009.06.03, 06:23 AM
Sounds cool but who will be driving the safety car?

Is this a certain thing on race day then? Did everyone agree to it? :rolleyes: :o

2009.06.03, 06:27 AM
We talked about it, but nothing was set in stone. TBH, it might end up being a bit of fun, or might get to be extremely annoying. I suppose it depends if we want it or not, but regardless of the result, it's been a bit of a fun project for me to get me back into programming.

2009.06.03, 06:38 AM
Cool cool.

Who's gonna drive the safetey car?

2009.06.03, 06:41 AM
oh sorry, having a blonde day. I've asked Adam, but he's been in and out of hospital a lot recently. other than that, maybe the person in the lead would have to be the pace car, that also kinda gives them the advantage of being able to control the race better in the pace car periods.

If you email me privately, I can send you the program so you can see how it works yourself, see if there's any changes you think might need to be made.

2009.06.03, 08:05 AM
Don't really have time ATM Sarah, sorry. Got a website to do for a client before I go away.

2009.06.03, 01:33 PM
Cancelled cancelled

Dusty Weasle
2009.06.03, 10:58 PM
As a NASCAR fan I'll chime in with a few more details to help out:

Caution Lapper (aka the Lucky Dog)
You are correct- Under the Caution Flag, the first car one (or more) lap(s) down is the “Lucky Dog” and goes around the field to get a lap back.

NASCAR does a double file restart with the lapped cars on the inside lane, which would be impractical for your purposes unless there is a full-time Marshall to read the lap counter. So in this case the Lucky Dog would simply go around and form up at the end of the line.

Closed Pits
The penalty for entering a closed pit is to be sent to “the end of the longest line” for the restart. In NASCAR's double file restarts that could be either lane. If you do single file it would simply be the back of the line.

Caution Frequency
The typical number of Cautions varies per track, but 6-10 over the 3+ hours of racing would be common (though zero does occasionally occur). The 13-16 neighborhood would be the high end of Cautions.

Pace Car
Once the Pace Car moves off for the field to take the Green Flag, the leader sets the pace until the start line. If you don't have a dedicated Pace Car, you could simply use that rule for the full Caution. Of course the lead car (not necessarily the leader) would need to set a reasonable pace and not zip around the track. :rolleyes:

Also note- At the start/restart, drivers may only pass on the right side until past the start line. Passing on the left results in a "stop-and-go" penalty (enter pits, come to a complete stop, and go).

Just a bit-o-history:
When the Caution flew, drivers would race back to the start line and that determined their line-up order. However, there were safety concerns about “racing back to the line” when under Caution as safety crews cannot roll until the field is brought down to caution speed, and any car stuck on track could be in extra danger.

Then in 2003 at New Hampshire, this happened:
That ended the debate and the new rule was immediately adopted where cars immediately slow down and do not race back to the line.

The last car a lap down getting his lap back was introduced a short time later as a compromise. Wally Dallenbach coined the name “Lucky Dog” during NBC's coverage and the name stuck.