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2002.06.19, 04:34 PM
Mini-Z Pix

2002.06.19, 04:37 PM
Next Pic

2002.06.19, 04:57 PM
nice job, what guage wire is that, it looks huge:p

2002.06.19, 05:11 PM
It's 14 guage from my 1/10th parts collection. It has less resistance and can carry more current

2002.06.20, 05:52 AM
You don't need the rear shock using wires that thick! :D

Nice chassis though. When do we see the body?

2002.06.20, 12:06 PM
The handling did not change w/the addition of the 14 guage
motor and power wires, but acceleration did improve. Here's
another pic. THX

2002.06.20, 10:47 PM
Breeze, how about a list of mods? Looks good!

2002.06.21, 03:20 AM
That chassie looks so cool :D

2002.06.21, 12:46 PM
THX Guys,
Here's a list of mods:
Megatech armature in a Squat BB can
Neodymium disc magnets
Eagle Racing turbo
Top Cad ball differential
Top Cad alloy motor mount
Top Cad alloy front bulkhead
Top Cad alloy 0' steering rack
Top Cad alloy 1' modified arms
Top Cad chrome kingpins
Top Cad 750Mah NiMh Batt
Top Cad wide aluminium wheels
Top Cad roll shock set
Top Cad rear spring shock set
Top Cad alloy wheel nuts
Top Cad fiberglass H-plate set
Duratrax bearings
GPM pinion set 7 thru 12 tooth
GPM alloy front stabilizer set
GPM alloy battery heat sinks
Kyosho front and rear spring set
14 guage motor and power wires
Custom front bumper

Here's another pic

alfa r0meo
2002.07.13, 10:36 AM
thats really cool but like how much money do u put into that thing?;)

2002.07.14, 08:58 PM
Too much-if my wife only knew, I probably would'nt be able to
type this reply!! Seriously, about $400 including the price of the
original Mini-Z purchase.

2002.07.14, 09:40 PM
nice looking Z......

that reminds me.... i need to calculate how much i spent on my Z.... i still have the original packages with the price tags.... lol..... i'm estimating over $300..... my paren'ts gonna be pissed :D

2002.07.17, 04:32 PM
Breeze is really into thiz. I can't blame you. Those 14 gauge wires look like it delivers some serious HP. I look forward to meeting you man.