View Full Version : What is the best ESC and Servo for the MRCG

Ed Roberts
2009.06.02, 01:50 PM
Hey Guys,

Sorry, I know this has been asked before but I was wondering what is the best ESC and servo for the MRCG.

Thanks for your help,


2009.06.02, 02:14 PM
I am installing my Spektrum SR3500 with Tekin B1R this week. I previously had the full size Spektrum RX with the Xray 180 esc. It worked alright, but I had to bind the RX with a different ESC to get it to work. Throttle response is also better on the B1R.

The size of the standard RX was too large, the SR3500 fits nicely.

Ed Roberts
2009.06.02, 02:36 PM
I just got done reading some info on the Tekin B1R ESC and it sounds like a good esc. Also, I plan on installing a KO Propo KR-408S receiver, it is pretty small.


2009.06.02, 03:32 PM
The "best servo" comes down to a couple choices, as far as the team seems to have found: Futaba S3114, S3154, and JR DS285 (edited post, I guess I read some of EMU's writeups incorrectly. :o).

The S3154 is digital, especially great if you're going to be using the KR-408S. You should definitely consider reinforcing the servo horn to make it stiffer though, as all Futaba micro servos tend to come with flimsy horns. I haven't found a good servo saver that fits the small Futaba splines yet though, so this is a consideration.

Same things apply to the S3114, which is the servo I recommend using with the Mini-Z ASF board. Reinforcing the servo horn is a good idea, like the S3154 -- see this pic for Pchan0's take on it:


EMU likes the JR DS285 more as it can fit the Micro-T servo saver with no modifications; however, I think the Micro-T servo saver itself needs some work to be tall enough to engage the tierod properly. See this pic:


Hope that helps a little in your considerations. :)

2009.06.02, 06:14 PM
I use the JR 285, which is a digital servo. Dave and I both noticed that it has more torque and is a bit faster than the SM22. It uses the same servo horns/savers.

I think I am using an M18 or Mini-T saver, not the Micro-t saver. Its been a while since I took it out of the packaging...

2009.06.02, 07:37 PM
Is it the Mini-T saver? I remember you saying something about it, I assumed it was the Micro-T one since the 18th scale servo savers are pretty big (I bought an RC18 saver... doesn't fit on the Futaba S3114 at all). :o

MK2kompressor uses the Micro-T servo saver in the second picture, lengthened with a piece of CF, with good results.