View Full Version : Drift wheels/setup

2009.06.02, 09:01 PM
im turning my race zmod into a drifter. has anyone tried the wide drift wheels in the back or the cross hatched wide wheels? right now i have the skinnys all around. Im using ma010 wheels. Im refering to the hard plastic tires. If you have a lot of experience setting up an xmod for drift id like to know what runs well too. thanks

2009.06.02, 09:16 PM
I used electrical tape on the stock xmod tires. It works well. Not for competition but on laminate or hardwood/tile floors.

2009.06.02, 10:19 PM
Z tires and rims did it for me, though I don't like its heavy weight.

2009.08.22, 01:48 PM
yeah, i'm using the hard plastic ABS/PVC tires...

i just jacked some from my drift package light (tomy Takara), sanded the edges off the wheels and pounded them in there with a hammer :D

they drift fine