View Full Version : June dates

2009.06.03, 08:06 PM
Not voting on the dates until the first week is getting laaame. Get clicking and vote beeches!!!!

2009.06.11, 10:40 PM
Thanks for taking over from Peter, J! We're on for the 12th:


The 26th may actually become the 27th - I'd like to give a Saturday race a try this month for all the "my eyes stop working after 4am" crybabies! :D

2009.06.12, 03:02 PM
Tonight is all about the Red Wings.... I will call one of you when the game is over to see if the reacing has begun.

I am sure I will still make first qualifying at 11 or even later!!!

Giant Cheetos to everyone

2009.06.14, 12:26 PM
Dude, we watched the whole game there on my 71* flat screen! :D


2009.06.14, 12:35 PM
As discussed on Friday, contrary to the poll results above, the tentative plan is to run our Big Track II (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31685) event on Saturday the 27th - we'll be starting very early, so should be OK for those doing LAZER the next day (though, I picked the 12th and 27th as I thought that was opposite weekends to LAZER - but somehow they're not every other it turns out!? :confused::rolleyes:). Cool? :)