View Full Version : Question about an X Speed in an Evo

S2k Racer
2009.06.03, 11:41 PM
Will I be able to get the motor wires screwed into the board without having to cut the wires and have to (probably twist them) onto the Evo motor wires?

In other words, will the metal plates for the screws work on the Evo board or do I need to use the metal plates from the Evo motor?

2009.06.04, 01:41 AM
Just bend the tabs 90 degrees and itll be fine. I'd worry more about the whole reversed brush thing. I'm not sure if simply reversing + and - solves the problem, so I'd stick to Xmod motors on Xmods.

2009.06.04, 06:50 AM
you can do what skvo12a said just put the wires in the opposite way that you put the xmod motor wires in.

2009.06.04, 02:53 PM
yeah id switch the - and + if i were you. also im not sure if the screws go down far enough to hold the rings, theyre thinner than xmod motor tabs but im not sure about this, just vaguely remember.....but a stage 2 is very close to being the same thing, i wouldn't waste money on an xspeed.

S2k Racer
2009.06.04, 06:39 PM
Isn't the X speed 35k and the stage 2 30k?
Also does anyone know anything about the brushings?

2009.06.05, 10:06 AM
IMO... Stage 2s can't touch the Xspeeds. I don't know the turn quantity of the Stage 2, but I know there was no comparision whatsoever when I put both out on the track... the Xspeed walked all over that Xmod motor. After I fetted my old Xmods, the difference was even more noticeable. I think I finally ended up with a PN S02 in that thing when I was all done with the Xmods.

S2k Racer
2009.06.05, 11:09 AM
The PN S02 needs stacked fets right?

2009.06.05, 11:39 AM
With the newer 3010 fets on the Zs, no. I'm not sure what the newer EVO boards can handle though. I don't think an S02 would go too far for it though, but I can't say I've seen many S02s for sale lately. I would sooner suggest a newer style Speedy 07 though, that should be very safe for the board and still be faster than the XSpeed.