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2009.06.05, 03:53 AM

The MRCG1.1 is the evolution of our now world-famous MRCG, designed to be faster, stronger, more user-friendly, and ultimately better in every way. Based on Kyosho’s proven Mini-Z MR-02 platform, the new MRCG1.1 features geometry updates and other refinements throughout the car, making it the new ultimate 1/28 open class pan car chassis!


At a glance:
- Built on the race-proven Mini-Z MR-02 platform; uses many MR-02 parts
- Version 2 of our trademark Virtual Center Pivot rear suspension
- Tools-free quick-release battery system designed for endurance racing
- Ultra-low center of gravity and polar moment of inertia
- 15% weight reduction over MR-02
- 1.5mm quasi-isotropic woven graphite chassis
- 0.8mm FRP flex plates and small chassis parts
- 6061 aluminum alloy used throughout; brilliant orange anodized finish
- Sliding, 1-piece motor mount allows easy gear mesh adjustment
- Unique tierod steering system with optimized Ackerman
- Fully adjustable suspension: spring rate, anti-roll, damping, preload, droop, ride height, roll center, rear steer, camber and toe
- 94-100mm adjustable wheelbase
- Compatible with Mini-Z MR-02 bodies and polycarbonate bodies


Ultra low CG, weight, and polar moment of inertia


The MRCG1.1 is a pure racing chassis, just like its predecessor. Every single element of the chassis is lowered to the maximum physical limit: the motor and batteries are flush with the bottom of the chassis, and the batteries lie in the absolute center of the car to achieve an optimal weight distribution and polar moment of inertia. Woven graphite is used extensively in the chassis for its light weight and high strength; where flexibility is needed, thin FRP is used for its durability and adds a stylish touch of color. The end result is an extremely low CG and polar moment of inertia, and a massive 15% weight reduction vs. the MR-02, creating a chassis of unparalleled corner speed and steering response.

Virtual Center Pivot Version 2 rear suspension


The MRCG1.1 receives a comprehensive update of the Virtual Center Pivot suspension pioneered by the MRCG. The two flex plates have been combined into one wraparound flex plate, providing extra durability and holding the center spring more securely in place. New rear steer spacers allow the rear axle to provide passive rear steering assistance as the G-forces climb: whereas a normal Mini-Z understeers at high speed, the MRCG1.1 dives into and out of corners faster than ever before.

The smaller details have received updates too: the new center spring mount now uses a locknut to adjust preload, and the side spring mounting locations have been moved outwards, allowing for greater leverage and screw-turn adjustability. Other details have carried over from the MRCG: the flex plates still have unlimited droop, and optional shims can be used to adjust both roll center and rear steer. Altogether this makes the MRCG1.1's VCP V2 rear suspension the most advanced on the market, and your lap times will certaily show it!

Lightweight, user-friendly rear pod


The MRCG1.1’s rear pod is among the lightest on the market at a scant 5 grams. The lightweight motor mount accepts any drilled 130-can motors; it doubles as an extra standoff on the pod, stiffening its structure to further improve handling. The mounting screws for the motor mount are on the top and bottom of the rear pod instead of near the differential, making gear mesh adjustment and motor removal a breeze. The rear axle is held by updated bearing carriers that allow ride height adjustments in 0.5mm increments, and the bottom plate has a center mark for ease of use on setup boards.

Stiffer, stronger revised front end


The MRCG1.1 receives several geometry updates in the front end. New triangulated front lower arms stiffen up the front end for sharper steering response. They resist collisions better too, and are easier to remove for maintenance. The top brace has been updated with 2 degrees of caster: this complements the stiffer front end well, increasing corner exit speed and stability at high speeds. Like the original MRCG, by removing the top brace you can change springs, knuckles, ride height, droop and preload, all without removing the kingpins.


The MRCG's unique steering rack has been updated too. Three sets of overlapping holes in the tierod mount allow the toe angle to be changed without having to remove any parts. The tierod itself features cross bracing to make it more durable and precise. An optional steering linkage adapter for the tierod is available, for those who would rather use a ball linkage instead of the nylon tubing and aluminum tierod horn provided in the kit.

Quick-release battery system


The MRCG's innovative no-tools quick-release battery strap carries over to the MRCG1.1 with no changes. Designed with endurance racing in mind, this system keeps tweak consistent from pack to pack and allows the fastest battery changes of any 1/28 RC car. All it takes is a twist of the latch and the battery strap flips up; no need to fumble with clips, screws, or nuts any longer. As a bonus, the strap doubles as a radio tray, and the new rear steer spacers act as battery braces, keeping the pack in place even in the hardest collisions.

New wheelbase options

While the original MRCG led the market by fitting under both 94 and 98mm-wheelbase Autoscale bodies, the MRCG1.1 ups the ante by adding two more options: 96 and 100mm. For certain tracks where 94mm is too short and 98mm is too long, the new 96mm wheelbase option allows the MRCG1.1 to utterly dominate the competition. And for the largest, most wide-open tracks, the 100mm wheelbase option provides an extra measure of stability for battling against 1/24 or even 1/18 RC cars (yes, it can go that fast). With four wheelbase options, the most of any 1/28 pan chassis, the MRCG1.1 delivers maximum performance on any size track.

Accepts both hard plastic and polycarbonate bodies


The MRCG1.1 accepts both hard plastic bodies (Kyosho Auto Scale Collection, Atomic VDS and VDSII, PN Pan Car, etc.) and polycarbonate bodies. Because of its 94mm and 98mm wheelbase compatibility, the MRCG1.1 will fit any Mini-Z MR-02 body -- they clip right onto the chassis as you would with a regular Mini-Z. For polycarbonate bodies, mounting points for body posts are provided and are spaced far apart to provide extra stability to the shell (body posts not included.)

Compatible with most Mini-Z MR02 parts

Being based off the Mini-Z MR-02, the MRCG1.1 is compatible with all sorts of MR-02 option parts: kingpins, front knuckles, springs, bearing sets, motors, differentials, dampers, wheels, tires, etc. In the name of cost-effectiveness, we do not include any MR-02 parts in the kit. Convert your MR-02 to an MRCG1.1 or build the MRCG1.1 kit from the ground up, the choice is all yours!

What You'll Need:
- CA glue
- Light threadlock
- Mini-Z MR-015/02 knuckles, kingpins, springs, spring perches, C-clips, ball differential,
- Mini-Z disk damper assembly
- Mini-Z top shock or oil damper
- Mini-Z MR-01/015/02 wheels, tires, bearings
- M2 locknuts (4)
- Micro servo (no wider than 23mm)
- Thin double-sided tape for servo
- Receiver and ESC (or combo)
- Receiver-compatible transmitter (and transmitter battery pack)
- Mounting tape for receiver and ESC
- 130-size motor, Mini-Z pinion
- Battery pack
- Charger appropriate for battery pack
- Hard plastic or Lexan/polycarbonate body, 94-100mm wheelbase

2009.06.05, 03:53 AM
High-Res Gallery:

http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres01-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres01-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres02-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres02-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres04-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres04-l.jpg)
http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres05-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres05-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres06-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres06-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres07-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres07-l.jpg)
http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres08-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres08-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres10-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres10-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres11-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres11-l.jpg)

2009.06.05, 03:53 AM
High-Res Gallery (cont.):

http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres12-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres12-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres13-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres13-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres14-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres14-l.jpg)
http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres15-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres15-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres16-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres16-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres17-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres17-l.jpg)
http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres18-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres18-l.jpg) http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres19-s.jpg (http://www.greyscalerc.com/images/stories/mrcg11/pres19-l.jpg)

2009.06.11, 10:28 PM
In Stock/Shipping from shop.tinyrc.com!

Greyscale Racing MRCG1.1 Competition Pan Chassis (http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=19971)

2009.06.23, 06:09 PM
Hi Brian, Love the new car and all the updates. Really also like the SS hardware this time around. Would have liked to have seen a wide track option...

2009.06.23, 09:41 PM
Thanks skyler! I'll give the wide track option another round of thought; I think there actually may be enough interest to warrant it this time. :)

2009.06.26, 03:48 PM
Thanks skyler! I'll give the wide track option another round of thought; I think there actually may be enough interest to warrant it this time. :)
That's awesome!

Davey G
2009.07.10, 10:23 AM
I have been testing the MRCG1.1 extensively the past few weeks and here is my current setup:


PN Yellow springs, .010 shim under knuckle, .010 shim on top of bumpstop
Kyosho 3.5mm bumpstop, PN 2deg knuckles, Ruby Lube for Dampening, tie rod centered for 0 degree toe, 2mm offset PN 20mm rims.


Axle all the way up (low ride height) steel diff axle, my own central pivot (see pics) rear pod plate is level with main chassis at ride height, stock flex plates, low CG flex plate position, red springs on top and bottom of DPS, very little preload on DPS springs, Ruby Lube for dampening, Kyosho center shock (50wt oil) with Kyosho black spring, 2mm offset PN 20mm rims.

54-12 gearing to move the motor forward
stand alone electronics decased
Futaba servo as suggested by Greyscale racing

Central pivot using a 4-40 grub screw and a sharpened 2mmscrew:


2009.07.10, 10:46 PM
Awesome job Davey:D

Could you tell us the RTR chassis weight please?:D Very curious:D

Davey G
2009.07.11, 11:38 AM
179 grams which is without any transponder. :D

2009.07.11, 01:01 PM
very nice ride .ill trade you my girlfriend for it shes got some hop ups

Davey G
2009.07.11, 08:36 PM
I will update my pics sometime 2morrow showing it with a body and complete with body mts, Futaba servo etc.

Trade it for your girlfriend huh Spakey??? PM me pics..:D

2009.07.11, 11:51 PM
That car is so easy to drive, and has a lot of corner speed. I was putting down good laps in practice when Dave let me try it. I was driving at about 75%, basically backing off early and driving nice and smooth just to get a feel for it... The rear is always very planted, and the car rotates well on and off throttle. My second lap with it was probably faster than any lap I did that night...

I will be testing my Pan stock MRCG next track day (which unfortunately will be in more than a week). I hope to have similar results.

The small tweaks that dave made with the servo gives very little play in the steering. It is much less than an MR02. Which means that the control, especially at speed is very smooth. I will be getting some of the Blue Bird mounts and adding them to my setup as well. Dave, do you know the model number for the parts, or do they come with a servo?

Davey G
2009.07.14, 02:01 PM
Here are the most recent pics of my car. Its now down to 175 grams, I want to drop a few more grams because of the custom stickers that will go on the bod this week.


2009.07.14, 04:16 PM

Really would like to know what you're using for the ball linkage for your steering servo if you could take a few moments to let us know...


Davey G
2009.07.14, 04:25 PM
Hi IANC: I am using Helicopter linkages made for the Hirobo XRB helicopter which is distributed by MRC.

Here is there website

Ask for TIM in customer service and tell him I sent you his way. :D

2009.07.14, 04:37 PM
Thanks Dave, I'll give that a try,


Davey G
2009.07.14, 05:10 PM
DANG! Should have blown off all the crap before shooting. Macro picks up everything!!! :eek:

2009.07.15, 04:36 AM
I'm not complaining, that car looks all the better with race dust. ;)

With regards to that ball linkage, I'm still on the lookout for a bulk-order solution, so when I do find something good I'll be sure to have it in stock at this Shop here ASAP. :)

2009.07.16, 01:09 PM
WTF Please!!! i think the widw track front will compliment this chassis very nicely... no scrub...

IMO it would bwe sweet if you could make it that running a 0 offset will give you a plus 2 front...

2009.07.17, 05:45 PM
WTF Please!!! i think the widw track front will compliment this chassis very nicely... no scrub...

IMO it would bwe sweet if you could make it that running a 0 offset will give you a plus 2 front...

He made a few +2.5 sets, but you aren't getting mine :D

They work great, I think it would be a great option set for the car.

Davey G
2009.07.17, 09:21 PM
Or u can just slap the PN double A arm suspension on...



2009.07.17, 11:44 PM
That looks sick Dave. How does it drive compared to the standard front end?

2009.07.18, 12:08 AM

Ferchrissakes, you can't just drop a bomb like that and provide no pics of the attachment points! Whuttya thinking? I notice you had to move the servo horn to the rear to get it to work. Can you take some closeups? Have been wanting that for your ball linkage as well, but it must be too 'TOP SECRET' to photograph up close...

Also, on the purple servo mounts. I've gone to bphobbies.com and searched for mfr bluebird with keyword 'mount', 0 hits, 'bracket' 0 hits, 'servo' 112 hits. I can only infer that these came with some bluebird servo you ordered that you have abandoned in favor of the S3114?

Do you remember what it was?

C'mon man! Share!


2009.07.18, 06:37 AM
RE attachment points, what you see is what you get -- Dave just bolted the front end onto a pair of disk damper posts, using the holes in the chassis for the anti-roll bar.

The reversed servo config Dave was running is certainly not going to play well with the double A-arm suspension -- the front is too low to use a long enough servo horn, so he had to turn it back around.

MRCG development is kind of an open secret, lol, I'm sure Dave will have some better pics soon. :)

2009.07.18, 09:42 AM
is the cross brace resting on the servo? if not I'd put something in between to take up the play, just mounting off the front posts is going to put a lot of leverage on the rest of it.

2009.07.18, 04:55 PM
is the cross brace resting on the servo? if not I'd put something in between to take up the play, just mounting off the front posts is going to put a lot of leverage on the rest of it.
I agree-- in fact I mentioned before that at some point I will need to design and make an adapter plate that bolts the top cross brace to the chassis. Well, nothing says you can't run it just as is, I hope it performs well. :)

Davey G
2009.07.19, 01:48 PM
Got to run the car a bit yesterday, only change I made was yellow PN springs and thats it. THe car wasnt that much different as far as handling. IF anything it was smoother through the chicanes and abrupt steering inputs. If you sawed on the wheel it wouldnt jack (pitch) going in. My only complaint is that the horsepower was way down on the ASF compared to the bigger 18th scale electronics.

IANC: The servo mounts came with this servo. http://www.bphobbies.com/view.asp?id=V443293&pid=NBB200

Like I said though give them a call and speak with JIM and tell him that I sent you. He will find something for you. These also work if you want to drill them out yourself: http://www.bphobbies.com/view.asp?id=A0320178&pid=W236515

After the PN race I will disassemble the ft end and show all the parts if youd like. I kinda thought the pics were self explanatory. ;)

2009.07.20, 12:18 AM
...My only complaint is that the horsepower was way down on the ASF compared to the bigger 18th scale electronics.

Hi Dave,

What 1/18th ESC were(are) you using before you switcheed over to the Kyosho ASF board? If you already posted this info I apologize. I am curious, as there are 3 ESCs that I am debating over purchasing - Novak's SPY, Tekin's B1R, and the XRAY/M18 micro speed control (I know there's a 180-motor-type model and also a 300-motor-type model, I'm not sure which would be best suited for our 130-class motors:confused:). I also own a TGR Spinner Ver. 1, but that's for another project.:) What would be your order of preference for these ESCs Davey?

Thanks for all your photos & info!:D

Davey G
2009.07.20, 07:26 AM
I ran the tekin b1r due to its size and power. This esc can even handle 4 cells on a 540 type motor. :eek: The esc is a Spektrum sr3100, the pics show otherwise but the Spektrum is what I use. There is a new super micro spektrum reciever now too. Talk to you soon!

2009.07.20, 08:07 AM
My only complaint is that the horsepower was way down on the ASF compared to the bigger 18th scale electronics.

Your Fet stack (or lack of) is weak :)

2009.07.21, 06:50 AM
I ran the tekin b1r due to its size and power. This esc can even handle 4 cells on a 540 type motor. :eek: The esc is a Spektrum sr3100, the pics show otherwise but the Spektrum is what I use. There is a new super micro spektrum reciever now too. Talk to you soon!

Thank you for the info Dave!

2009.07.21, 11:46 AM
Just noticed, Dave -- why is there a power switch on your car? Removing that should help a bit with the horsepower problem, as well as an FET stack.

Davey G
2009.07.27, 09:57 AM
I have removed my switch on other boards and felt no difference even though others say otherwise. I ended up qual 2nd and finishing 2nd this past weekend at the PNWC at Maj;s hobby shop. THe only person to go faster then I was Chad Nelson. I made an attempt to thin out the side flex plates and ruined them. In the 3rd round and the main I ran an mr02 and was way way slower. I look forward to more testing. Brian...U got mail!!

2009.07.27, 11:06 AM
Out of curiosity, what damper is you are using? Looks like a Kyosho but it is black?? If Kyosho do you have a part number?

2009.07.27, 12:11 PM
Out of curiosity, what damper is you are using? Looks like a Kyosho but it is black?? If Kyosho do you have a part number?

That's sharpie special edition :)

Davey G
2009.07.27, 12:32 PM
Old skool PN.

2009.07.27, 12:55 PM
Old skool PN.

or that ;)

2009.07.28, 12:54 AM
The oil shock is a Kyosho, dyed black.

2010.01.02, 10:58 AM
my 1.1.... still a bit of work in progress but so far its ok... not totally happy with the servo and i have a slight chatter in the rear... but it is pretty amazing how well this setup puts power to the ground for being so lite...


2010.01.02, 05:36 PM
Junior, Your car looks great!

2010.01.03, 03:53 AM
Looks great, Junior. ;) How is that exposed servo motor working out for you? I've always been worried about dust so I capped my servos back after soldering the wires to them. If you're having servo troubles I'd definitely look for dust inside the casing.

As for the chatter issue, try a stiffer pair of disk damper springs and/or shim the springs to increase damping. The MRCG1.1 has higher roll resistance than normal Mini-Z's so you need to increase damping correspondingly to avoid chatter. :)

2010.01.03, 02:56 PM
solved the rear chatter with the heavier dampner springs... thank you...

the servo is siliconed so no dust gets in.... my problem with the servo is its inconsistency with recentering true every time... i hope someone can come out with a mr03 servo setup... hint... hint...;)

2010.01.03, 03:20 PM
the servo is siliconed so no dust gets in.... my problem with the servo is its inconsistency with recentering true every time... i hope someone can come out with a mr03 servo setup... hint... hint...;)
I hear you loud and clear. :o

2010.01.03, 04:27 PM
do you guys over a stiffer top plate for the batteries?... i believe with the soft one we are forced to crank it down harder and may be causing the chassis to twist.....

2010.01.03, 05:46 PM
I dont think they have one yet, but I am sure that you could cut a thin brace to go on top of the current retention plate and keep it from tweaking. Whatever you come up with, please post pics. If I get time, and find decent materials, I will do the same.

I only had issues with the plate coming loose with the plastic pieces that were threaded with a screw to hold it down. They tended to dislodge, which is why the later revision (the one you have), were made in alloy.

2010.01.03, 05:59 PM
if you look at my pics again you will see how much that top plate is flexed... its gotta be doing something to the chassis which may be hurting the steering...

2010.01.03, 06:44 PM
just ordered som carbonfiber... will trace it and cut it out and see how it works... if good i will bring the original piece to amachine shop by my office and have them do it up real nice...

i think if the top plate is more sturdey then i wont have to crank down on it so hard and should take pressure off the chassis

2010.01.04, 02:23 AM
Is that a piece of foam in between the electronics plate and the battery pack? I really don't think that's necessary, it should allow you to not crank the latches down so far. Although you do need a little bit of tension to get the battery to stay during a hard head-on collision, I've found that you don't REALLY need to crank it down that much, just a little bend is enough.

With a stiffer plate you could skirt the issue completely though, I honestly never tried it because I didn't want to mount the electronics on carbon fiber, and thicker fiberglass gets heavy. Let us know how it goes. :)

2010.01.04, 09:37 AM
i was also thinking of maybe glueing some stops to each side of the battery tray to keep the batteries from moving foward or backwards during a collision... this might be a better route to keeping things lite... and then i should be able to take alot of pressure off the top plate...

2010.01.04, 11:32 AM
A small chunk of scrap plastic will do the trick, if you'd like to try that before cutting your own plate. Heck, we should've thought of this before. :o

2010.01.04, 11:42 AM
i definitly wanna try something with the least amount of weight... or we are just losing the advantage of the chassis then...

my other question is with the new mr03 boards is there a digital servo out there that will fit like the futaba?... this may help clean up the sterring if the speed and the signal is stronger... especially with the new ko module coming out thats is supposed to send a cleaner stronger faster signal to the cars...

2010.01.04, 06:06 PM
I would think that putting the 03 board into your MRCG1.1 as is would help out, because that board is designed for the higher gear ratio and smaller, faster motor of the 03 servo -- hm, that sounds exactly like what the Futaba S3114 is. :)

If the 03 board really is better for adapting these servos, however, it may be time to find a servo designed for more abuse -- maybe the JR SM22. I haven't found an extra 03 board to play with, so maybe I'll end up killing my MR03 to fit the electronics and servo into the MRCG1.1. That would be the optimal combination, but I can't bring myself to cut up the MR03 just yet...

2010.01.05, 10:31 AM
i have the futaba servo in there now but it just seems a little slow and unresponsive at times... maybe the 03 board will clean it up alittle but i think if we can find a smaller stronger digital servo to go with it maybe it would be better... maybe a heli tail servo for something like the align 250 might work... my LHS sells the 03 boards and helicopter stuff so i will look into it.. i really want to get this chassis working cause i think it can be more than competitve if all the kinks are worked out... even against the 03... and i own 3 of them...

i must say that there is a huge difference in this chassis between 94mm and 98mm... at 94mm it just feels way more balanced then at 98mm... im gonna stick with 94mm while trying to get this thing dialed...

2010.01.26, 10:54 AM
any luck yet with the 03 board and servo yet?... i have not been successful with a small digital servo and 03 board as of lately... i believe that my car is dialed ootside of the sterring issue and would like to get it resolved quickly so that i can start racing it..

2010.01.26, 05:13 PM
I have the plans but not the method to produce it yet -- basically, the 03 servo needs to be turned around, needs a casing, and I need a new custom tierod, so I will need to get parts molded rather than machined. This'll take some time for sure, so in the meantime, if you've got a modular electronics setup to use, it'll tide you over until I get the parts produced. :o

What ICS settings have you tried on the 03 board + digital servo? The 03 board is engineered to work with smaller, faster servo motors and higher gear ratios, so in theory it should be more appropriate than the 02 board for this application; I haven't tried anything there yet, so I'm curious. :)

2011.09.13, 04:44 PM
Hi color01,

I bought my first MRCG 1.1 about 6 months ago and never have time to actually build it. Finally, I have some time off last months and built it, what a amazing chassis, the rear is so planted yet there are tons of steering.:eek: I love this chassis so much that I order 2 more chassis as spare parts right a way. :D You did a amazing job with this chassis and I wonder if you are working on future update. Also, I like order the steering linkage conversion but I can't find it anywhere:( Do you think you can help ???

2011.09.13, 04:59 PM
Brian doesnt have any updates slated.

The servo linkage conversion wad a pretty easy custom build...i think there might be a DIY tutorial around.

2011.09.13, 05:29 PM
I actually might be able to help a little. I'm at home for a few more days, so after I take my exams I can sit down with the CNC mill and machine an adapter for you. On the other hand, I no longer have any Atomic RM DPSII shocks to hand out, so you will have to build your own "linkage" from the adapter to the servo horn. We had a little experimentation going on in this thread here:


Unfortunately, I'm too busy with school to be actively developing updates for the MRCG, but I'll always provide support for you guys as best as I can. :) I am waiting right now for the Mini-Z Buggy's servo to show up in person. If it's the right shape to fit in the chassis, you can bet that I'll be cranking up development again. As you've found, the chassis itself is quite potent but it's limited by the steering mechanisms available on the market. So imagine your MRCG with an MR03 front end and a "more modern" rear end and you'll get what I'm planning to do, if I ever have the chance to do so. :)

2011.09.14, 11:35 PM
One of the thing I really like MRCG over other aftermarket chassis is the ability to ACS body. ACS body is one of the reason that I choose Mini z over 1/10 because of its look:cool:

Thanks color01, it will be fantastic if you can CNC me the steering linkage. Here are some photos of my MRCG 1.15 :)
I have installed the MR02 Double A-arm to the front end( needed to cut the chassis a bit to fit the A-arm, cut a main chassis plate and installed on the chassis to make it stiffer and held the LiFe battery in place even in a hard crash.
If I can ask you a favour, if you have time, can you CNC a main chassis with the cutout for the PN Double A-arm and without 1)the cutout for the AAA battery 2) cut out where the servo sit. PM me how much it will cost. Thanks a million:D

2011.09.15, 03:19 AM
I will attempt to machine the steering adapter for you either today or tomorrow. :) Unfortunately, I can't do the chassis for you as my mill can't cut carbon fiber -- and early testing showed that the fiberglass-chassis prototypes weren't stiff enough at all. :o If you'd like, I can draw up the design and ask MantisWorx for a quote, but you'll have to give me a couple dimensions, such as the size of the A-arm and servo cutouts. I also want to suggest not deleting the battery slots: the MRCG generates a lot of traction for its weight mainly due to having a fairly soft, compliant chassis, and stiffening it often reduced traction during my testing.

2011.09.15, 09:05 AM
you are right, too much stiffening will hurt traction. I still remember when I first start 1/10, everyone was chasing super stiff chassis for the suspension to do all the work. Then when I was leaving 1/10, everyone want a chassis that flex.:eek: Don't worry about the main chassis plate I was talking about. I will stick with your design.:D

2011.09.17, 05:36 AM
Alright Joey, I've made your steering adapter as well as two extras. I'm moving back to SoCal tomorrow, so PM me your address and I'll send it out early next week. :)

Btw, how much can you flex the double A-arm front end on your MRCG? I've been asked before to make an adapter plate to meet the two top mounting points on that front end, unfortunately there's not any room to do so unless you turn the servo around and run 98mm wheelbase only. :( Still, Davey G says that it works well on the car.

2011.09.17, 11:58 AM

I pm you my address already.

I cut a spare threaded orange chassis post to 6.6mm in height and fastened the cut post to main chassis plate with machine screw.(one machine screw coming from the top to connect the double a-arm to the cut post, then another screw connect the whole assembly with main chassis plate at the bottom.) There no flex at all. Any flex will come from the main chassis plate first and I don't think the force which the front end is experiencing will be strong enough to flex it. Most the energy will be absorbed by the front spring and then the chassis plate itself. I doubt anyone needed to fasten the top 2 hole. It is extremely rigid.

The only thing concerns me is actually with the double A-arm's design. When the front suepension goes up and down, it tends to rub the tie rod a bit since it is not going in perfect vertical motion. But it is a design flaw of the MR02 double A-arm. PN solve the problem with MR03 double A-arm but it will extreme hard to incorporate the MR03 double a-arm to MRCG 1.1