View Full Version : DIY F-1 motor mount

2009.06.06, 04:44 AM
i like the kyosho motor mount and i also like alum parts so......

2009.06.06, 07:23 AM
great work man. I can't believe you milled it yourself. Did you do it by hand or CAM?

2009.06.06, 08:41 AM
very impressive!

what software did you use to model the motor pod?

what is an estimate of the cost, material/time to mill?

it looks like you could easily reduce weight but further cut outs.

2009.06.06, 10:43 AM
Is that an adjustable gear mesh? It looks great!

2009.06.06, 07:51 PM
it is not CNC just hand mill . since the small milling machine can cut 0.01mm .it is easy to keep everything with in tolerance.but it take a long time to make .took me 35 hour labour (around $110) to finish.

it can use 6t and 7t gear but i can make it fit from 7t-9t

this motor mount keep all the aerodynamic (rear diffuser = greater downforce) and the 5g add to the rear help a lot to keep the rear tire sticking to the ground.now i can make a turn with 75% throttle and it wouldnt spin out. i just love driving my F-1 now and my mr-02 is just seating on the shed.