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2009.06.06, 05:43 AM
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what you all do to get ready for a big race. Do do you prep the car the night before race day, or do you do it at the track. What type of prep work do you do ex. diff rebuild...What equipment do you bring.


2009.06.06, 11:12 PM
I bring what I know I am going to use, and other things I may want to use. I try not to bring things that have no relation to the classes that I am running.

If the car was running very well, and has been cleaned regularly, and rebuilt somewhat recently then I dont rebuild much. I usually use new wheels and bearings. Especially at the price point that the Reflex bearings have, it makes it easy to get a good set of bearings cheap. I clean out the old bearings, and keep them in spare wheels that I may want to try other tires or offsets on.

You should maintain the car at least once a month. Take it apart and clean it. That is regular maintanence. Over time, dirt and RCP dust build up in all the nooks and crannys. Kingpins, DDS, and diff are the biggest problem areas.

If you only run one body, make sure you have an extra front clip. Or extra body, just in case. My 430GT front clip broke on me today (to the point that it cannot be salvaged), so I have to switch bodies now for tomorrows final qualifiers and mains.

I usually get new batteries for big races as well. I just got 10 sets of Team Scream Racing cells, which should last till the PN race. If you have good cells that are less than 3 months old, then you should be fine with one new set to use for a qualifier on one day and the mains the next (I recommend the 2nd qualifier). Make sure you get a cycle or two on them about a week before race day to break them in.

2009.06.07, 01:43 AM
I just got 10 sets of Team Scream Racing cells, which should last till the PN race.

EMU, You don't play!:D

2009.06.07, 05:58 AM
So you dont always rebuild a car the night before a big race. As long as its spins freely and feels good you just leave it alone, am I correct.

2009.06.07, 06:39 AM
I try and rebuild my cars a week or so before a big race. I mean a complete tear-down just to make shore everything is 100%. I replace everything that needs replacing and this gives me time for a 'shakedown' at my local track, just to dial in a basic setup and make shore everything is perfect.

2009.06.07, 09:21 PM
I sadly have to experiment at the race days so it leaves dealing with new experiments on the spot. Generally though, if my Z works fine I leave it alone. Charge batteries the night before and everything is good to go.

I bring all my small parts and tires in 2 tackle boxes (look for my thread in Cars and Drivers) and pack those, my cars, tire tape, glue, and a few other misc. things into 1 xmods case. Batteries and charger go in a backpack. TX in hand.

2009.06.07, 09:50 PM
I pack everything into a backpack and Duratrax RC bag carries my cars. People are always VERY surprised at how I fit so much stuff into a relatively small backpack. I am too at some times.

As Alberto mentioned. If you are going to rebuild the car, do it a week before the race. So you have time to fine tune everything, or get replacement parts if need be. Today I had to change the chassis out of my Atomic Stock class MR02 (only ATM parts). I had a PN t-plate clamp installed for 94mm, and when I took it out to install the ATM t-plate adapter, I realised that the screwholes were stripped beyond repair (I tried that first). This is not something you want to do during a big race. It took almost all of my practice time away, and I was left testing different things in the qualifiers. I ended up making A mains in all of my classes, but I think that kept me off the podium in 3 of the 4 classes I was running.

2009.06.08, 06:13 AM
OK, Thanks for the help. I wasnt sure if you experianced racers would tare a car down before a big event, but it make sense to look it over the nite before and do a tare down a week in advance.

Also how often do you rebuild your diffs?

2009.06.08, 11:49 AM
reflexracing.net has a good article on how to get ready for a race:)

2009.06.08, 12:52 PM
I rebuild my diffs about once a month for a car that gets regular use (every week), or whenever I notice the diff not running smooth. At big events, sometimes I rebuild it a couple times, when making gear ratio adjustments (changing spurs).