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2009.06.06, 07:44 AM
I have just installed a front one-way and rear ball diff into my MA010 after running with the kit gear diffs since buying the car second hand.

The gear mesh for both the front and back is just terrible. I've done a lot of on-road racing with 1/10th scale and I know what a bad mesh sounds like and this is definitely it. It's like a coffee grinder (ok, slight exaggeration:))

However, I'm at a loss as to how I could possibly get the diff gears to mesh better. I've read elsewhere that you can use shims, but I'm not sure where they should go to make a difference. Can anyone help me out? How can I get my MA010 to run silky smooth? :confused:

2009.06.06, 09:04 AM
Shims should've been provided with the diff and the one way assembly. Were they?

If they were, you put the shims inbetween the diff and where the bearing goes on the diff to adjust spur to pinon gear mesh. With shims, you can get it about perfect.

2009.06.06, 06:36 PM
The One-Way didn't come with a shim. The ball diff did.. I'll give that a go. Thanks.

2009.06.06, 08:25 PM
You shouldn't have to use all the shims that came with the diff on the diff. You can use the leftovers in the front, but be careful not to cause binding by over shimming it.

2009.06.07, 03:15 AM
I've actually tried this to kill 95% of that horizontal diff "wobble" and move the spur gear away from the pinions for a lighter mesh on my ball diffs. It sounds and feels the same to me, but hopefully in a long run this could prove its worth.

2010.03.09, 09:11 AM
there is somebody who have an ma010 which run silky smooth (silently)?

2010.03.10, 11:03 AM
I've shimmed up my diffs and applied some dry graphite lube used in pinewood derby cars. Made a difference in noise. Not 2WD drive quiet, but at least 25% reduction.