View Full Version : Nanotrax is Open!

2009.06.07, 08:36 AM
i'm not sure how many of you are aware of this newly opened store but the website, store and content are top notch! it's the best looking shop i think i've ever seen infact. unfortunately, this type of model is rarely seen here in the u.s.

anyway, check it out!

NANOTRAX (http://www.nanotrax.net/store/)

2009.06.07, 05:13 PM
Asia is wonderful at catering to salarymen, as always. :) Image and presentation are very important, and they've done an excellent job. I wish we could see that here, but in the US we have more hobbyists who don't really care about the frills and just want the thrills. :p

2009.06.07, 05:19 PM
i agree. nearly every hobby shop i've been to has been a cleaned up quick-i mart type shop with cheap carpet, bargin shelving and less customer service than a gas station convience store. there have been exceptions to the level of service but presentation is clearly never a priority here.

i wish qon (not sure i spelled it right?) the best of luck and success with his beautiful shop/store/track. everything about it is well done and presented.

2009.06.07, 09:37 PM
thanks for the words of praise, its always good 2 get feedback from r/c fans... unfortunately, mini-z will be phased out here shortly but we'll be a main source for info on dnano. if you're in the area on vacation, pleeeease stop by and bring your dnano! ;)

2009.11.01, 08:31 AM
Welcome aboard Q'on! I like your web site as well, very nicely done and great graphics. Easy to shop around with, and very fast shipping!
I agree with arch on presentation. We just don't get that sort of thing here, it's all about money, money, money. Don't people realize that presentation is everything? If it doesn't look attractive, it won't grab my attention. If it's not well stocked, it doesn't grab my attention. If it isn't well staffed.....................well you get the idea.
I wish Q'on all the best of luck as he seems really truly passionate about these cars.
I wish I could open a store here in Colorado, but I think it would fail do to the lack of interest in this sort of hobby. Most people around here, like my Dad for example, are into RC airplanes and helicopters. There's not much call for cars.
Anyway, glad to see you've joined us here at Mini-Z Racer!