View Full Version : RM, MM, and RML?

2009.06.07, 01:14 PM
I am new and I am trying to find out the difference between the MR-02MM, the MR-02RM, and the MR-02RML. Can anyone tell me?

2009.06.07, 05:09 PM
We're working on compiling a database of this info at the moment, actually. :o

The largest difference between MM, RM, and RML is the position of the motor relative to the rear axle, and the top spring.

MM -- motor is mounted ahead of the rear axle. Soft top spring.
RM -- motor is mounted behind the rear axle. Hard top spring.
RML -- motor is mounted behind the rear axle. No top spring.

Hope that helps. ;)

2009.06.07, 05:51 PM
Thanks man, that helped

2009.06.07, 10:33 PM
RML is useless and no one would ever run a car that way so just forget about it. RM and MM are the two to remember. They both use different T-plates though; the MM's is shorter, thus stiffer.

MM is faster and RM (can be) more fun to drive. ;)


2009.06.08, 10:46 AM
Well RM is the best starting point but you want to get an aftermarket motor pod which makes it Mid Mount but shortness of Rear Mount. LM is useless:confused:

2009.06.09, 08:49 AM
i had a rear mount for a while and it performs well for beginners and is a good starting point but at some time you will want to convert to a MM most likely 94mm because those are the most versatile. Just a heads up the MM 94 is a little harder for beginners to start on because it is a little aggressive.