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2009.06.07, 09:10 PM
Has anyone made a track out of the fitness foam tile thingies.

Is the grip similar to that of RCP?


2009.06.07, 09:21 PM
Has anyone made a track out of the fitness foam tile thingies.

Is the grip similar to that of RCP?


they were the first tracks....
the first mini z track in NYC (chinatown used those tiles)
the only downside to those tiles are no borders....

2009.06.07, 09:24 PM
I'm tryin to decide whether to stick to these jigsaw foam tiles or just buy RCP. You can easily homebrew the boarders and then this alternative is extremely cheap. It has more grip than RCP since its just smooth foam, so if anything it can help you setup your car for a harsher evironment that will defenetly last on RCP.

2009.06.07, 09:37 PM
I bought some impact tiles from home depot, tried to mate it to rcp, but it was wrong, and grip was very wrong, lol.

2009.06.07, 09:38 PM
There is less grip than RCP. But I prefer it that way. Makes driving more fun, since you dont have to battle too much grip. The foam is a little harder as well. The track in Chinatown that George speaks of was the first track that I raced on... and where I learned the basics of setup. You can throw the cars around a bit more, and almost drift through the corners when the setup is right.

Tires start to glaze after a while, so cleaning is important. We used to sand the tires instead of cleaning, since it would last longer before they start to lose grip again. RCP has that problem a lot less. On new tracks with high grip, it is pointless to clean the tires, since they wear very fast. On older tracks, that have a lot of rubber build up in the track, the tires pick that up and there is a lot less tire wear.

If you are trying to get a track to work on setups, there is nothing wrong with a foam track... especially since you design the borders, and you can fit a lot more corners in the same amount of space as you would on standard or mini-tile RCP. Your setup will change at every track you go to, so always take that into consideration. Even if you are racing at one RCP track, and go to another... the same setup may work, but it may not. This is especially true if you are setting up on a small track and go to a big track. Typically, it is easier to setup at a big track and go to a small track than the opposite.

2009.06.09, 10:27 PM
I may go to a local WM or Sams and see if I can pick up some of these foam pads. My other option is to take some of the leftover office carpet squares and make a plywood track with two tiers (my space is limited) and glue them down. I can't afford a RCP track unfortunately at this point.