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2009.06.08, 07:50 PM
My elementary school buddy came out and saw us racing on the 23rd and I got him into our 1/25th racing. I tried to convince him to get a Mini-Z but I guess a lot of people decide to test the waters, so he got an XMOD corvette. He came out on the 30th to race with brandon, maia/maya/mia (Idk how to spell it), mikoh, and I. We had lots of fun except for the fact that his car's steering got screwed up and seconds later my car caught the disease, and also got it's steering screwed up... well ****. I guess I'm just going to get a Z and try and fabricate my XMOD body to fit the Z so I can keep the memory alive...and maybe the ricemobile (The Skyline Brandon so kindly gave me :D) . God that thing looks nice. Anyways...I hope you guys have fun with johnathan, I might not always be able to be there when johnathan screws up so I hope you guys can help him with your experience. By the way, I think he got a XMOD Audi R8 cause they were having a sale on Xmods....HEY I'LL GO BLOW OFF $20 ON AN XMOD!!!!

Action B
2009.06.09, 10:58 AM
Yes, welcome Johnathan. Looking forward to racing with you and Saman again. Also, your mom is very nice! Hope your Xmods steering continues to perform well. Did you say Xmods are on sale for 20 bucks Saman?

2009.06.14, 12:35 PM
haha, too late now, I forgot to subscribe to the thread and I just remembered it, anyways yeah, I got my Transformers Camaro XMOD for $20, Im guessing the sale makes them $20 now. I think XMODS are like Z's in which they have limited run times, and then radio shack tries to get rid of what doesnt sell. Then they design new cars and release those, then it cycles.