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2009.06.08, 11:54 PM
Hey i was wondering if you could mod the stock mini-z controller (KOPROPO KT-5) to have servo and throttle reverse? I plan to add 2 switches to the controller so i can change between channel 1 and channel2 (reverse and foward) like other hobby grade controllers. I feel like being cheap and my KT-5 feels better than my Losi controller so does anyone know between which wires to add the switches between?

2009.06.09, 08:19 AM
I have no idea how you could do the channel changing thing if it is even possible. what exactly are you trying to reverse?

2009.06.09, 11:13 AM
The steering and throttle

2009.06.09, 12:43 PM
I only opened up my KT-5 when I was painting the case. Looking at the board it looks to have the places to mount the switches. I am not much of an electronics expert, but I do know somethings on the board would need modded for them to work. For anyone that knows how, please post the information. Thanks in advance.

Added attachment showing the switch locations. The sticker was cut out with an xacto knife.

2009.06.09, 03:07 PM
Yea i cut out the stickers too. I found out that the xmods controller switches fit it perfectly. I needed to desolder the switches on the controller though and i plan to use those switches instead of buying new ones. I got stuck right after that part though. BTW, Nice controller :D Its a wonder why they didn't take an extra step to solder in the switches to make it more hobby grade...

At first I planned on switching the red and black wires on the throttle and steering petometers but i was afraid it would short something out. Anyone, anybody... help?

Im just wondering but are there any aftermarket controller wheels that would fit this model? If so, what adapter would I need to make it fit?

2009.06.09, 06:19 PM
Would planting a switch there be good enough or is it more complicated than that?

2009.06.09, 06:34 PM
dude just get a KT-2 works alot better its really simple and is a hobby grade controller. it has the function that you want on the KT-5 built in.

2009.06.09, 07:20 PM
Well i know that but i don't feel like buying another controller. I already have two other controllers but my KT-5 feels better. (for some reason)

EDIT: Hookay, after a little researching, i found out that reversing the two outside wires on the (red, white, black) wire would reverse the signal output? For example: Controller wheel turns right, the servo turns left
after mod: controller wheel turn right, the servo turns right...like that?

2009.09.16, 06:37 AM
Are you successfull with this modification?

I noticed that there is a provision for a switch in the printed circuit board of the transmiter... I wonder if it would automatically work if a switch is installed into it?!?