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2009.06.09, 08:05 PM
I-Lap (http://www.rclapcounter.com/) website

Decoder - $140 (Includes all cables)
Bridge Sensor - $40 each (Each covers 14.5" width)
Transponders - $38 - Each has a unique ID number
Transponder 10-Pack - $350 - Save $30
US Shipping - $8
Outside the US is typically around $40 for trackable global express.

Each system will need 1 decoder, enough bridge sensors to cover the finish line and one transponder for each car in the race. Each transponder can be set as house transponders or personal transponders in the software.
Each bridge sensors covers 14.5 inches of the track lane width. For example, if the track is 10 feet wide, 8 sensors will be needed. Simply divide the total width in inches by 14.5 to get the number of sensors needed. Generally speaking, it is OK to go a little over. A 4 foot (48 inch) lane calculates to 3.3 sensors, but 3 will cover it sufficiently.
The number of bridge sensors needed is only determined by the width of the lane, and it does not matter how many transponders are used.