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Dusty Weasle
2009.06.12, 02:03 AM
The Trailer Race DC GTG recently ran looked like so much fun, Mini-AZ will be running one too. So I've created "The Great Caravan Rally". The Sporting Regs are on the club site:
(Scroll to page bottom)

Here are the highlights:
Open Class cars (based on the "Open Class Dash" rules)
Trailers to be built by participants within specifications

Three rounds: 30min, 20min, and 10min
Round 1- Drivers haul their own trailers
Round 2 and 3- Grid order is by previous finish, but the trailer order is reversed (The P1 trailer is hitched to the last place car, and last place trailer is hooked to the P1 car, etc)

Each lap run is 1 point. Bonus point for leading a lap and setting the fastest lap

Static judging for Design, Aesthetics, and 'Spirit of the Rally'. Bonus point for the winner of each category

It's not in the Regs, but for Round 1 Qualifying I think we'll do a parallel parking challenge (with trailer attached of course). Timed to get all wheels inside the box, with time added for hitting the wall or boundary vehicles.

Wacky fun.


Dusty Weasle
2009.09.28, 01:59 AM
Well, we were ultimately unable to run this race (none of us had hitches ready on our cars :rolleyes: ), but attached are photos of the trailer I built.

It worked out well, but I'll need to redesign it in future to have an upward slant at the front so as to not clip the ground. It used a Soft T-Plate, which allows too much sag, a stiffer plate would give it a better ride height.

The attached pictures show the build process and completed trailer. Its not actually hitched to the McLaren, but the hook snapped soundly to the powerful magnets of the ATM Stock motor. :D

If you'd like to use the template for this trailer, you can download the PDF here:
(Scroll to bottom of page)
This contains the templates without graphics and the photos showing the build.

2010.02.21, 07:24 PM
That is awesome! That sounds really fun too, I love zany things that are out of the ordinary. Please update / post videos if you end up doing this!!!

2010.02.21, 07:28 PM
great pictures and great trailer design.