View Full Version : Which series will we be running next??

ocean rodeo
2009.06.12, 08:16 PM
Since this will be the last points series race, what are we going to run next? Which class? Which day? Open for discussion.

ocean rodeo
2009.06.20, 08:04 PM
Any updates on which class is for the next series? I want to get my car set up.

2009.07.26, 11:02 AM
hows the racing comming along?

ocean rodeo
2009.07.29, 05:48 PM
A&E closed.

2009.08.01, 09:16 PM
Yes the old shop closed but from what i understand they'll be opening again sometime in september at a much better location.

2009.08.16, 11:35 AM
keep me posted guys. I want to come back to play w you.