View Full Version : Reflex newer parts.

2009.06.14, 12:10 PM
Good job guys. Finally got to install your newer AWD parts.

Ti drive shaft - perfect fit. Light, like the splines on end of shaft for small gear.

96MM kit - Again nice fit, no adapters for wheel base (less weight), fit good with my 3 racing covers. Car feels good too.:)

2009.06.14, 01:24 PM
Thanks Larry, hopefully it gets you around the track quicker, like they do for us. :)

Old Crow
2009.06.16, 12:10 PM
Reflex parts have been impressive overall, and there outside the box thinking has made a great sport, even better and more interesting. Really enjoyed the AWD upgrades, K diff outdrives, light weight shafts, and bearings. Bearings really do feel at least as good as Ceramics, at a fraction of the cost, real waste of money there.... Thank you for some great products, keep it up!