View Full Version : kyosho's mini-z 10th anniversary

2009.06.15, 01:25 AM
most of us know that kyosho is celebrating it's 10th year of mini-z's....

just wondering if anybody knows the exact date mini-z's were officially released?


2009.06.17, 07:45 PM
According to Kyosho contacts, it's 12/24/1999 - the celebration of it is all this year though (even though it wasn't actually released until almost 2000! :D). We're planning a 10th Anniversary celebration ourselves - herman, you need to be there! :D

2009.06.17, 11:32 PM
christmas eve... cool... thanks for the info...

herman, you need to be there!
lol - wishful thinking mr.z.... hmm... kinda reminds me of the perpetual thought....
"needs vs. wants''... case in point... i really want to be there, but (due to current global financial crisis, er i mean challenge) i don't need to be there ... :D

i'll be there though in spirit... :D

oh and don't forget to post pics... :D

2009.07.15, 08:47 PM
fyi, i uploaded some of the vintage advertising material some time ago and here is something from 2000


were these (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/data/1141/Back_of_Brown_Box_RTR.jpg) the original 1st lineup?

2009.07.15, 09:15 PM
I still have my Subaru and Lancer I bought in 2000, thought they were the coolest thing... still do.

2009.07.15, 11:13 PM
cool arch2b... i think i still have that lying around somewhere...

like pedrocamp, i still have my first body and mr01... :D

nissan skyline 2000gt-r (no.15)

it was given to me by my brother... his was the red version... :D
can't seem to remember my second, i think it was a subaru... but everybody remembers the first...:D

i've got an idea... to celebrate mini-z's 10th anniversary why not post "what was your first mini?" with a short write up as to how you got around to aquiring one.

here's my story...

my (younger) brother has been into r/c's pretty much... electric 1/10 off road, on road... moved onto 1/10 gas off road, on road... and 1/8 off road and on road...

then one day he gave me a box... wich turned out to be kyosho's mini-z... detail right out of the box was fantastic (see above pic)... and the fact that it was rtr (ready to run) was really cool...

eight aa's and four aaa's was all you needed to hours of fun (even though there were no tracks at the time)... er at least until your batteries ran out...

hooked since day one... and still am... :D

big thanks to my bro for being a kind little brother... and kudos to kyosho for making a fantastic product... :D