View Full Version : So how does wheelbase affect a car?

S2k Racer
2009.06.16, 02:47 AM
Just wondering.


2009.06.16, 03:01 AM
Weight balance, stability, turning circle, turn in, on power steering.... Wheelbase makes a lot of difference. Typically, the bigger the track (more high speed turns with larger turn radius) you would want to use a wider car with longer wheelbase. On a smaller tight track, with a lot of slower corners back to back, a smaller shorter wheelbase car would be more ideal. A small car can still do well on a larger track, it is just much harder to control. A car that is out of control, even slightly, feels much faster than a car that is in control. Although, it may feel faster, it usually isnt. Especially around traffic.

I like driving smaller cars, I think they are more fun. In big competitions, I prefer to go with a larger car. Most of those tracks have very few low speed corners, so weight and agility in and out of the corners can be sacrifieced for more stability and momentum through the corners.

This is a topic that can be continuously debated... It really depends on your driving style, track layout/grip that should define what wheelbase car is good for you. In general 94 - 98mm work the best. 90 and 102mm can be good, but not really on pace.

S2k Racer
2009.06.16, 08:59 PM
What about drifting? How does wheelbase affect that?
Seems to me like you'd want a shorter Wheelbase for drifting.

2009.06.17, 12:26 AM
Depends. Shorter wheelbase lets you initiate the drift faster, but longer wheelbase affords more mid-drift control. I wouldn't really care about it, drifting's mainly for fun anyways so I'd pick a body I like and work with it. ;)