View Full Version : Allspeed Hobbies South San Francisco, CA

2009.06.16, 09:46 AM
Allspeed Hobbies
230 South Spruce Ave
South San Francisco, Ca

Allspeed Hobbies is the largest Z track in the bayarea. We also have 1/10 scale 1/12 scale 1/18 scale vehicles and parts...Racing every Tuesday nites and Sunday's with one trophy race a month...Come and have fun racing Mini Z

2009.06.16, 01:36 PM
finally you're here. lol...

If you guys are in town for vacation, you must stop by and try the Bay Area's Largest Track! 17 sec lap time with iLAP timing system of course. ;)

2009.06.16, 01:41 PM
next time im up there ill be sure to check this place out.....cant balieve that there are 3 great 1/28th scale tracks in norcal :eek:.....and only one in socal barely surviving :(

2009.06.28, 06:50 PM
Wow we have an Allspeed thread nobody uses, cool!

2009.09.07, 01:13 AM
Anyone look here?

2009.09.23, 02:33 PM
How was racing last night?