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2009.06.18, 09:52 PM
i jus got my first mini-z. its an mr01 with gpm. but anyways i was driving without my body and i crashed. i broke the steering gear. so i ordered new delrin gears from atomicmods. now the problem is that when i turn on my car and remote the servo motor keeps going. its not the steering trim or the st. range. no wires are loose or anything. can anyone tell me how to fix it???

reply to Draconious: no its not the gears.

reply to imxlr8ed: no thats not it. i figured that out when i first got it. thnx for the heads up anways.

reply to herman: when i turn the little thingy on the potentiometer nothing happens so that might be it. will i have to buy a new one?? Also herman, will the servo from the mr02 fit on mr01. or can i buy those servo savers you were talking about seperate. if so will it fit?? also where did u get the red rx-7 body???? im looking all over and i cant find one.

thnx for all help.

2009.06.18, 10:33 PM
you bought gears, but did you replace them already? new gears will fix it, unless you stripped the new ones as well ;)

2009.06.19, 01:23 AM
know you know the first cardinal rule of mr01's....
never run the chassis without the body...
(i think this is why kyosho came out with servo savers on the mr02 and mr015)

anyway, like humpty dumpty... put everything back together again :D...
from what i know, the motor needs the potentiometer for it to center and stop moving...

hope this helps... :D

let us know what happens...

2009.06.19, 08:46 AM
The potentiometer may not have seated properly into the primary gear when you installed the assembly.

If you didn't break any wires off the board, motor or pot, and re-connected them incorrectly, the above is the most likely conclusion.

Might want to shim the potentiometer too while you got it apart, a piece of paper behind the potentiometer works well.