View Full Version : QteQ Mini-Z AWD Conversion set for FWD/RWD

2009.06.19, 12:28 PM

The pics you posted of the QteQ MR-02 diff parts were very helpful to show what the diff will look like.

Can you do the same for the QteQ Mini-Z AWD Conversion set for FWD/RWD? I think I know how these would work but pics would be great! Assume the diff is removed, but how does this affect the center shaft movement front to back?


2009.06.19, 12:40 PM
I have not installed them yet, but I am doing a rebuild of one of my cars, so I can do that in the process. Essentially, you keep the main shaft installed regularly, you never remove the pinion in the front, so movement is not an issue. Just remove the diff and replace the driveshafts with these axles and you are done...

2009.06.19, 01:18 PM
Thanks CT!

And the nut goes on the inside of these axles to keep them put?

Might be handy to have a set to use for adjusting the diffs. Put in front, get rear diff adjusted as needed. Put in back, get front diff adjusted. Remove axles and you have 2 perfectly adjusted diffs.

2009.06.20, 09:59 PM
Good idea!