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2009.06.19, 11:08 PM
Anyone tried to put one of the 2007 NSX bodies on their MA010? I just bought the Arta, and when the wheels turn, it hits the body... When the suspension compresses, the wheels hit the body... No matter what I do, the wheels hit the body.

Edit: Found one way to stop it, remove the lowdown springs/ride height adjusters and put Kyosho ones so the car is high off the ground and the wheels are far from the body. Of course, they still hit if the suspension compresses too much.. Interestingly enough, the diffuser on the back of the body hits the ground when suspension is compressed, so they've got to be cut off as well...

Think twice before you consider putting an NSX on your AWD. You have to lower performance to do it. Unless you don't mind having stock high ride height.

flat 4
2009.06.20, 07:33 PM
I still plan on using that body on my MA, funny thing the car I have lower ride heigh on is a MR and still handle'd like poooo...

2009.06.20, 09:54 PM
thats strange because thats all we run !!!

we run 3.5 fronts and 1.5 rears and the only mod i do is remove the headlight bucket and drill some holes to clear the knuckles in the front

2009.06.21, 12:48 AM
Well I still have headlight buckets.... Guess I have no choice but to get rid of them.

2009.06.21, 01:27 AM
Actually I just took the 5 seconds to look. My tire isn't even close to the headlight bucket even at full lock, it's hitting the fender. I have no idea why yours doesn't.

The only place my tire doesn't hit the body is if the tires are straight. Any amount of turning causes them to hit when the suspension compresses.

I'll get pictures tomorrow.

2009.06.21, 09:38 PM
The tire should only be rubbing, inside the body right at the edge of the window glass. Just dremel/trim that area away.;)

2009.06.21, 10:00 PM
mine hit front and rear, near the headlight and near the window.