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2009.06.20, 05:47 PM
i wanted to use the motor at the end of this passage on my mr01. will it require fet stacking?? if so how many stacks?? maybe a 2x2 stack??

here's the link to the motor i want.

http://cgi.*******om/I-PRO-MOTOR-IWAVER-MINI-Z-AWD-NANORACER-2-0_W0QQitemZ110395477888QQcmdZViewItemQQptZRadio_Co ntrol_Parts_Accessories?hash=item19b4154f80&_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

its on ebay. so replace the stars with whats missing. which is ebay (dot/period) c.

2009.06.22, 12:29 AM
er... according to the site...

Iwaver 01 "Pro", Iwaver 02 "Pro" and NanoRacer 2.0 4.0 can support this motor without adjustment.

(For Iwaver 01, Iwaver 02 and Mini-Zs, Mos Fet may need to be adjusted before use. Otherwise, the electronic board may be burned due to the high current.)

so i guess fet stacking required... usually a 2x2 stack will do the job... also will depend on what type of fet you will stack...

hope this helps...

2009.06.22, 12:45 AM
a 1x1 of 4562 could cover it too i have a car that i could run a t2 off of thats 4562