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2009.06.21, 02:48 PM
can anyone post a link to the manual and charts that go with the overland

2009.06.21, 05:16 PM
not to be critical but a 5 second google search puts you at kyosho's website where it doesn't take a genius to find their support documents.
i'll save everyone the time however so HERE (http://www.kyosho.com/eng/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/miniz_index.html) is the link. i understand the thought process that maybe someone already has it quickly available but by the time you've posted the question you could have found it yourself.

most of these pdf manuals are too large to attach to the forum. i've tried uploading them to the gallery as well but again, they are typically all to large. bookmark the webpage, it often comes in handy.:)

i'd suggest trying the kyosho usa website but as typical, it's half assed and doesn't have all the info. for sh*74 and giggles, HERE (http://www.kyoshoamerica.com/manuals.php?category_id=5) is what they pass off as their support page for manuals.

2009.06.21, 05:19 PM
on a side note, it's nice to see someone post about overlands :) even if it's only to ask for the manual.

2009.06.21, 05:50 PM
sorry i was looking on their website and couldnt find it idk why though lol

sorry for the trouble and thanks for the link

2009.06.21, 06:24 PM
no trouble:p i hope you fix whatever it is that needs fixing.

2009.06.21, 11:36 PM
i did suggest to make online manuals a sticky... even posted a thread on it...
kyosho online manuals

even included it in my signature, if in case somebody needed it...

2009.06.21, 11:41 PM
no i wanted to see what the lengths of the chasis were and what i needed to get to adjust it

2009.06.22, 10:16 AM
what body do you have?

2009.06.22, 01:45 PM
i bought the porsche cayenne

2009.06.22, 05:18 PM
should be the same setting as the X5 and landcruiser. put the front on setting b and the rear on setting 2

Dr. Kustom
2009.06.22, 05:31 PM
The Porsche Cayenne have the same wheelbase as the G55, like Okoye said, front setting B and rear setting 2.