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S2k Racer
2009.06.24, 12:27 AM
Anyone know anything about these?

New adapter for MiniZ slot rim axles

PN Slot has launched on the market a new adapter for Grupo Z slot cars. These cars use a 3mm axle system with being screwed at the tips, something that had made it impossible to set up a wide range of miniz rims on these cars. An adapter functions in a very simple and effective way by converting any MiniZ rim into slot rims adaptable to typical 3mm axles.

The advantage of this system is that we can change the width of our car simply by changing the rim and incorporating the rim offset that best suits our needs whether it may be in positive or negative format.

The adapter has been made using high quality aluminium and anodized in orange colour and itīs screw for fastening it to the axle is 3mm.
For your information, there are numerous brands and rim models for the MiniZ that you could no doubt adapt to your Group Z or Rally Slot 1:24 cars.



2009.06.24, 12:36 AM
I bought a tire lathe off another member and it had a peice that looks kinda like this, it is uesd to hold the wheel on to a 540 motor shaft. I cant really tell if this is the same or not since you cant see the other side. I found out the one on the tire lathe I have is made by Kawada.

If that is and adapter to fit mr02 wheels to a ma010 it make the wheels have almost double the offest and you wouldnt have any thread left from the drive shaft to put the wheel nut on. Maybe someone else has seen this peice before.

2009.06.24, 12:43 AM
Those are for the Group Z Slot Cars.

S2k Racer
2009.06.24, 12:46 AM
there I added the picture of the other side.

Those are for the Group Z Slot Cars.

2009.06.24, 04:40 AM
there I added the picture of the other side.


It is for a 1:24 scale slot car that accepts autoscales, not for Mini-Z. You could use it as an arbor for a truer as mentioned above, but it wont work for an AWD.

2009.06.24, 09:28 AM
This is convert Mini-Z wheel to use on 3mm axle slot car.
Not for AWD.

S2k Racer
2009.06.24, 01:13 PM
Oh, They should make a version of this that has a hole that's the right size for the AWD axles.