View Full Version : Reflex Main driveshaft Info

Old Crow
2009.06.24, 09:15 AM
Really like the new Reflex driveshafts, here is the weight info I found(given that my scale is correct).

Kyosho Stock - 1.8 Grams
Reflex Titanium - 1.1 Grams
Reflex Aluminum - 0.6 Grams :eek:

The Titanium has the knurls at the front end for the small pinion, which is a first and gives a all around more solid feel to this shaft, at 0.7 grams lighter.

The Aluminum is like the stock shaft, but weighs 1.2 Grams lighter, which really shocked me. I have not driven this yet, but given Reflex's track record, not worried about performance.

2009.06.24, 11:26 PM
Thanks. :) I am really looking to shave weight wherever is possible. ;) Going from 1.8g to 0.6g, I think we achieved our purpose...


2009.06.24, 11:50 PM
I sure hope I get that 0.6g shaft on my awd CT. ;) Thanks!

2009.06.25, 11:55 AM
For sure TJ. The project is well underway :P

2009.06.26, 04:12 PM
Hi guys:)

0.6g WOOOW!!!:eek::eek:

Hope the Alum center shaft would provide the rigidity and straight the RR Ti has proven to have.

Less weight without this characteristics, mean nothing.:(

Wish you all a great weekend!:)