View Full Version : Mad Max Interceptor Offsets?

2009.06.24, 09:16 AM
So i bought a Mad Max Interceptor body for my MA010 cause it looks so friggin awesome. Obviously I did this without making any background research so I ended up finding out that I need a 94mm wheelbase for the body to fit. Wich isnt really a issue cause i was planning to get a SAS system anyways. But what troubles me is what kind of wheels will fit the rear, obviously the Interecptor MR015 wheels wont work. At the moment i have only 0 offset Scooby wheels and it seems that front wheels are 0 offset. BUT im wondering if im able to slap wide 11mm wheels under the rear arches or not. Or if 8mm wheels with small offset for the rear will work? I cant really make any sense what will fit as the chassis is still that 4mm too short... >.< And im quite new to the MiniZ scene too. Im planning to get Xspede aluminium disk wheels (should I able to score a pair from somewhere) but the rear width/offset is a big question mark.
Oh and the instructions delivered with the Mad Max had nothing regarding offsets... :<

2009.06.25, 05:00 PM
Just measure the wheels that came with the body. Put a straight edge on the back side of the rim, and see how much the center hub part of the wheel protudes from the back side of the rim. That is the offset for MR02 or MR015 chassis. That is the offset you need to get on the AWD rims. AWD rims offset will look totally different than 2WD rims, but the offset will give you the same width when used on the AWD chassis.
Not sure if the interceptor has a wide rear wheel or not. The wide rear wheels are 11mm wide, and narrow wheels are 8.5mm. If you use a wide wheel in place of narrow, the wheel will stick out 2.5mm more. You can compensate with using an offset that is 2.5mm less. However, the smallest offset you can get is about -1mm.

2009.06.27, 03:54 AM
Now that you mention it, measuring the original wheel's offset seems perfectly logical! :D Thanks! Now i know the Mad Max offset are 2.5mm both front and rear, wich means I CAN fit 0 offset wide wheels at the rear! :D