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2009.06.24, 01:36 PM
Hi Guys,

Every Thursday night we'll have a test and tune night. Bring your car in and we'll help you set it up, for FREE of course. This is perfect day to learn how to rebuild your diff, polish your king pins, adjust your ICS settings, etc... Just bring your car and radio in and we'll take care of you!

See you then!

2009.06.24, 11:55 PM
man you are the coolest... :D

2009.06.25, 01:27 AM
Thanks for helping me setup my car today (wednesday) even though it wasnt test n tune day. Now i just need to practice, practice, practice

2009.06.25, 01:42 AM
I have been helping few guys all week with their cars and radio settings. I found a good setup that helped me out on my driving and I want to share it to everyone. I sure hope you like how your car feels Ryan, now that it's dropping 8.4's and all. ;) and yes, you're right... practice, practice, practice... :D

Thanks Herman! :)

2009.06.26, 02:59 AM
It was a Great turn out tonight! I was able to help most of the guys that needed help with their cars. There was just so many cars today, all cars on the track at the same time. Although I was only able to play my car for like 5 mins. I still had fun helping everyone with their cars, turn marshalling and just watching everyone drive. So much improvement from all these "novice" drivers.

I hope to see everyone back tomorrow for our Friday night race. We have quite a few novice. Well I won't really consider them as novice but more like "real" sportsman.

Thank you all. That was fun!

2009.06.29, 04:29 AM
OMG! All these novice drivers with your help are gonna smoke me! haha

2009.06.29, 05:11 AM
LOL... Come by more often then. Today we had 10 cars on the track and we did 15 mins quick race. That was fun! I ran my van and the others ran their mini hatchbacks. See you on Friday.

Go to sleep Dave!

2009.06.30, 01:01 AM
I wish I could play more but work wont pay me to play Mini-Z. Omg I need to find a better job ! lol

2009.07.06, 04:07 PM
If you guys need help with your car or radio. Let me know. Bring it on Thursday and I'll help you guys with it. :)

2009.07.08, 10:26 PM
Sleep is overrated if you can wrench instead of sleeping!~!

2009.07.10, 12:35 PM
Thank you guys for stopping by last night. It was another good turn out for our "test n tune" night. All night I was so confused on where I keep placing my car. :P I was showing the set-up to everyone and helping them with their cars/radio. I'm just glad that we can help most of you guys.

Thanks again and hope to see you guys tonight!

2009.07.20, 05:45 PM
Hey TJay, thanks for helping me set up the dampeners on my car! You're awesome! It really helped out with the rear hopping around the corners and the steering is much smoother.

:: Thai

2009.07.20, 06:24 PM
Glad you liked it Thai! I hope to see you back on Friday for our Friday Night Free Race or Thursday for our test and tune night! See you soon!!!

2009.08.23, 11:51 PM
Is there any other racing like up in San Jose for Mini Z??? I'm excited about these little cars--they actually work soo well and are relatively inexpensive. Grant Matshushima has a new track going in in SoCal--Montclair Plaza near Pomona!! And a new facility will be going up in Lake Forest in OC. Looking forward to racing soon!!!

2009.11.17, 02:14 AM
I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon but Tjay has helped me out a ton and is a great asset to us local racers! A week ago I was running 14 second lap time on the new track layout. After Tjay helped set up my car, I ran a personal best 11.8 and I've been only doing this a little over a month now.
Many props also goes out to the Staff: Peter, Dee and Danny for all their help.

2009.11.17, 10:27 AM
11.8's Ken? You're definitely getting faster just like Jonathan... Soon enough, we'll have to bump you guys up. ;) Thank you for the kind words.

2009.11.25, 04:50 PM
FYI... store is closed tomorrow, 11/26/2009. We'll resume our test n tune session next Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

2012.01.01, 10:37 PM
Posting on our shop forum is long overdue, i'll be updating this forum more frequently now.

We are still doing our Thursday night Test n Tune nights for everyone who wants to get help with their mini-z setup from 5PM - 9PM

This is free for everyone so come out and have some fun.