View Full Version : HFAY Season 7 results

2009.06.29, 07:21 PM
Congrats Bri and on coming first out of the Stafford lot in the HFAY F1! I might give you a run for your money next time now that my F1 has the right springs in the back as opposed to none.

BTW, think I figured out the problem I've been having with both cars at the mo' after borrowing one on Sunday. I'm getting what look like radio glitching, yet I didn't get that with the one I borrowed so it must be my cars and the only thing I can think that they have in common is the motors they're running, which are possibly too "noisy" and causing interference. Now if that's the case, that's an easy problem to solve as it happens on some 27turn motors so I know what to do, but has anyone got any suggestions what it could be if not that.

2009.06.30, 06:26 PM
good result brian realy close in the end and sarah check out the AM thread on the main site some realy good tips there and if your f1 is second hand like mine have a good look at the servo gears i found on mine they are worn and do not always give the full steering reponse at times hope this helps :)

2009.07.01, 07:55 AM
I didn't have any springs in the back which has been the main problem, I didn't even know there should be springs there, since I didn't see them there in the first place.

My other main problem seem to be spinning out coming out of corners, but this is probably down to tyre choice and / or the weight balance of the car.