View Full Version : Planning On Selling NIB White Porsche 911 GT3 AutoScale

2009.06.29, 11:11 PM
I got one NEW IN BOX from a RTR kit mounted on a MR01 chassis im looking to get something in the area of 300 dollar for it. Is this a fair price for a rare body like this price???

Here is a pic of the one im talking about, i got the pic off google


2009.07.02, 03:22 PM
I'd pay no more than 100 for the body alone. Certainly not 300 for an old MR01. If you have a dumby chassis available for it, I'd buy that 911. Been wanting one all year.

2009.07.02, 03:28 PM
I have moved this thread to general discussion as feeler threads are not permitted in the marketplace.

2009.07.02, 03:51 PM
that body is pretty rare, I wouldn't let it go for less the $150 for just the body, the MR-01 really doesn't add much value, maybe $50 or so.

I'd say $200 for the set minimum is what you could get for it.

2009.07.02, 09:05 PM
I'd say $200 for the set minimum is what you could get for it.

What it's worth is whatever anyone will pay for it.

Personally, I can't see the extravagant sums that some of these 'rare' ASC's are reputed to be worth.

I have two of these GT3's, but both are racing bodies; ie. somewhat battered. I'd like to get a nicer one to run on my AWD, but $300 for a plastic body shell is just absurd, and I'm not poor. $100 is still outrageous. Look at what you can buy for that amount in 1/18th die casts by Exoto and others.

Then again, it's worth whatever someone will pay for it...


2009.07.03, 01:27 AM
hmm... antique (mini-z) roadshow??... :D any other mini-z appraisers out there? how about a poll on how much it'll sell?

my view is that $300 is too much... even with the mr01 chassis in it (totally agree with briankstan here)...

can't really put my finger on an exact price, as i haven't had any experience dealing with old/rare bodies...

good luck with the sales though...

2009.07.03, 02:35 AM
Good news for me, I have one too... :D

2009.07.03, 05:38 AM
From my experience,when i sold my z's collectors will pay $300 for a rare body,but only if it's in it's original asc case.The fact that yours was removed from a readyset will devalue it slighty,where collectors are concerned.
Most of my collection went to malaysia,for top $.
Example,i sold a focus WRC for 180(almost $300) and got around the same money for a murci asc too.Hope this helps.

2009.07.03, 06:16 AM
yep as with other collectors, usually an unopened/sealed asc will definitely fetch more than one that has been opened...

kryten... what kind of stuff did you sell???

2009.07.03, 07:27 AM
I sold all my mini-z's and asc's a few months back. Most of it went on the bay,but i was made offers i couldn't refuse. :)

2009.07.03, 10:06 AM
If that Porsche was an original MISB AutoScale model, and not one pulled off an MR01 chassis, I'd pay 150 for it when I have 150 for it.
That is one of my favorite bodies and I wish I never sold the one I had a year ago.

2009.07.04, 01:47 PM
Thanks for the help guys, ill prolly be putting it on ebay soon i need top dollar for it.

2009.07.07, 01:53 AM
any news on the sale?

2009.07.08, 09:06 PM
I doubt the body will get $200

2009.07.16, 08:15 PM
any news on the sale?

Havent done anything with it yet still collecting dust