View Full Version : hotel room

2009.07.01, 07:36 AM
well i booked our rooms check in 7/24 check out 7/27. total 350.00 after taxes and fees. all i need to do now is sign up for the race. cant wait.

2009.07.01, 07:51 AM
Cool Chad....Just one room right?

I signed up, but still need to send my money. Ill probably try and paypal it in today :D I figured out how I could get the PN layout in our track room. Its a little tight, and I have to eliminate the 3 wide sections, and the chicane. I may squeeze it in and try and get the practice in....it just means the times from last week will have to be our HFAY times......

2009.07.01, 08:23 AM
thats cool with me. i know i could have done better in the main but practice for the pn race is more important right now. and yes it is only one room 2 beds and a cot. i made to reservations last night and got up this morning and realized i made them for the week before. so i had to call expedia and get the changed to the right day. all is good now though.