View Full Version : What's the newest top of the line 94mm stuff?

2009.07.01, 05:58 PM
Hey PN. I'm looking to build a 94mm and want all the best stuff. The whole motorpod/disk damper thing confuses me, there are so many, plus I've never owned an MR02 so I don't really know what's needed.

Could you give me links to exactly which 94 mid mount pod and disk damper system is best? From your website, it's difficult to tell which are compatible and which are incompatible.


2009.07.01, 06:02 PM

Thank you for your interesting our products, the best latest version of 94mm motor mount parts number is MR2295, the disk damper system is MR2060 Fiber Glass Plate, MR2061 is Carbon Fiber Plate.


2009.07.03, 12:06 PM
Hi there, I find your double A front suspension system interesting. I'm planning on getting back into the Mini-Z scene later this year. I just recently purchased "ONE" pearl white Murcielago AutoScale and I plan on purchasing the limited edition MR2 chassis set with 2.4 GHZ board. I will plan on purchasing a SECOND pearl white Murcielago AutoScale for racing.
Using all PN silver alloy parts, what would be the best combination of front, rear parts for use on the Murcielago wheel base? I want this thing to handle like it's on rails at Warp One speed! :D
Thank you!