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2009.07.01, 06:41 PM
Since the 2007 NSX was recently discontinued, anyone know if there will be an 09 or 10 JGTC NSX? It would be pretty ridiculous if they didn't continue the legacy


2009.07.01, 06:43 PM
very few get actually discontinued. it's more like hiatus due to limited production runs.

2009.07.01, 06:53 PM
Well I'm sure the 04 and 05 were discontinued because of the release of the 07, right?

A lot of the websites out there say the 07 is discontinued, not just out of stock, which is fine with me as long as Kyosho is making a newer model :D

So if not many are discontinued, what happened to basically every body for the mr01? things like supras and rx-7s, that are now sought after like gold... Those have been on hiatus for years.

2009.07.01, 07:52 PM
if your going to take everything to the extreme and absolute litteral, you can figure it out yourself.

obviously not everything gets discontinued, for example the clk and c5-r wer re-released, as well as the f40.

in general, bodies are made in limited numbers, all of this has been covered before in similar threads btw. when that batch sells out, it can take some time before it gets back into the que again.

sites tend to handle these outages differently. some simply say out of stock, some jump to discontinued. do not take it literally as it's often just a generic response displayed by the backend software vs. someone actually updating a parts database.

do we really know which gets which treatment? unfortunately not. 99% of the time we get info from japan market well before it makes it way here.

and the rx-7's are coming back... just to toss another one at you.

2009.07.01, 08:29 PM
Well I didn't know discontinued didn't mean discontinued forever, and I'm more concerned with whether there is a new one coming out or not if you didn't notice, and not whether the 07 was actually discontinued, it was my hope in posting this thread to find out if anyone knew what new bodies were coming out, not to get you all riled up for no reason... Thanks for the info, guess I'll just sit and wait, and buy up all the 07s I can find.

2009.07.01, 08:34 PM
unfortunately, our only kyosho rep on the forum has moved on to other things so we have not had any updates in a long time. unless his replacement comes soon, your best off searching japanese sites as your going to find all the new stuff there first.

it's just frustrating to have your info tossed back at you to an extreme. if i jumped at you, i'm sorry. i get it at home from the kids all the time and it's patience testing.

but to summarize, discontinued doesn't always mean 'discontinued'.

2009.07.02, 10:05 PM
i dont know about snaping up all the 07's out there unless you are rich. they are really, really available. look with your inner eye grasshopper. shoot if you got the dough go to one of the japanese yahoo auction agents. you wouldnt believe want is on their auctions. i saw a white f40 with totip written on it? is this new or old? or custom? their customs are iiinnncreddible!!!! oh golly and the wheels! oh, the wheels (said while drooling).:p
how do i put up a pic from my hard drive? i want to know about the ferrari.

2009.07.02, 10:07 PM
ok ill try again. and the ferrari is............................ta da!

2009.07.03, 08:13 AM
do you have a link to any of those agents? i'd love to at least see some of that stuff