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2009.07.01, 10:35 AM
just got my first mrcg1.1 up and running and i love it... the chassis is simply amazing... great job...

my only question is has anyone experimented with using the side spring option... does it aid in helping to put down more power to the rear without making the car push?.. and what springs are you guys using...

Davey G
2009.07.01, 11:41 AM
I will be testing the new 1.1 extensively 2morrow. Painting the pancar as we speak. We will mess with yours at the same time. Cool??

U can check this link http://www.greyscaleracing.com/images/stories/mrcg11/mrcg11-manual.pdf page # 14 for the side spring stuff.

See u 2morrow Junior!!!

2009.07.01, 12:16 PM
The side springs should not be required for RCP racing -- I rarely ever use side springs on RCP as the car is pretty stiff already. They are just an option for freeing up the rear end when racing the MRCG1.1 on Regupol or other ridiculously high-traction surfaces.

You can use the same stiffness springs on the MRCG and MRCG1.1 as you would on an MR02, for the most part. PN White springs with green anti-roll bar, Yellow springs without anti-roll bar, should be a safe starting point for most RCP tracks.

2009.07.01, 12:32 PM
i was just looking to get a little more rear bite as im running a double stacked fetted board with a 35t pn motor and 64 pitch... even with the stickest rubber tires its a little lose if you get a little crazy with the throttle and we arent alowwed to run foam tires during point series... outside of that the car is friggin ridiculous...

Dave, i would greatly appreciate the help tomorow night... if i get this set up to mu likens in time im gonna sign up for pan mod for the pn race...

2009.07.02, 02:33 AM
If you're looking for traction at the moment you hit the throttle, you can always try a stiffer top spring, or even put an F1 side spring onto the oil shock (you need to unscrew the ball end from the shock shaft). Kudos to Grant for this suggestion. :)

My personal experience is that the side springs can make the rear end a little loose on corner entry, unless your rear damping is extremely heavy. By all means you're welcome to try it though. Maybe if you combine the side springs with harder front tires, you can tame the car on-power without losing any of the steering and corner speed you've been enjoying so far. ;)

2009.07.02, 12:48 PM
thanks... i will be working on this tonite with Dave and im sure we will both be posting our results tomorow.

2009.07.03, 10:55 AM
found out the problem last night... the reason for my car handling the way it is, is because of the slop in the servo setup... the arm from the servo and the attachmnet to the steering bar has way to much play in it... im gonna have to make something outta carbon fiber and make a stronger outrigger to attach to the slide... will update with pics when i get this accomplished...

2009.07.03, 06:24 PM
If the stock steering assembly doesn't appeal to you, there's always the EMU setup with ball links -- there should be a couple adapters left in the Shop here. :)

2009.07.04, 11:05 AM
It was more the slop in the servo horn, than the tie rod adapter. Do you have the image of the t-plate mod for the futaba servo? I forget what thread that was in... I think that would take a LOT of slop out of his setup.

2009.07.05, 03:23 AM
This one?


If you're bothered by the flex in the servo horn, this little trick should definitely help.

2009.07.05, 10:27 AM
Thats the pic I was talking about ;) Its on the competitions car, but that doesnt matter :P