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2009.07.03, 12:08 PM
was looking around ebay and saw a brand new murc whitebody and was wondering does anyone know if kyosho are re-releasing them as i cant find anymore info thanks

2009.07.03, 12:21 PM
Do you mean white body as in blank unpainted bodies? If so, it's either a left over rare item, or they did bring'em back. Since they re-issued the Murcielago in three new colors, pearl white, pearl green, and pearl yellow in Fine Hand Polished format, it would make sense that they'd re-issued the blank's as well. It is one of the most popular bodies out there, if not "THE" most popular!

2009.07.03, 12:33 PM
yes its unpainted when you look at the pic it comes like the newer whitebody`s with the cardboard bit with the info on it and a bag instead of a box this is the item no 370224158256. also looks like they hae re-released the f40 wb aswell same guy selling that aswell

2009.07.04, 12:32 PM
looks like a newly released one. cool.

2009.07.08, 09:59 PM
Yes they rereleased them but only in Japan only so far.

2009.08.14, 10:56 AM
I'd buy as many of those as you can. Hobby Japan usually has about 5 in stock?
Get'em while their hot!

2009.08.14, 12:14 PM
I just got one from hobby japans ebay store last week, it came in a plastic bag so they must have started making them again, remember all the older white bodies came in plastic boxes instead. I also found an F40 and 360gtc that were also in bags and not boxes so those must be in prodution again too.

2009.08.14, 02:46 PM
With the re-issued yellow's and green's, I wouldn't be surprised.

2009.08.14, 03:42 PM
How about this for packaging?


2009.08.14, 04:06 PM
Hmmm, look's more like a spare body package than a true AutoScale package. I'd rather receive my bodies in the more professional AutoScale format with the display chassis, wheels, and case.
Look's more like a mail-away prize than anything else.

2009.08.14, 04:11 PM
How about this for packaging?


And thats not an unpainted body... the price looks pretty good though, wonder if it comes with wheels... doubt it has a dummy chassis.